I just finished an *incredibly* GOOD book (Shift by Jennifer Bradbury) and realized that I DID NOT want to give it back to the library. So for now I'm keeping it, not reading it, just carrying it around in my already obese backpack because... I don't even know why. My best idea is that this is a reading ritual, and it turns out I have a lot of little habits I go through with books. What are your reading idiosyncrasies?

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I always, ALWAYS read the last word of the book before I start it. It makes me feel like a rebel.
haha, so true
It's impossible to read a book whitout knowing the last word!
The first thing I always do is smell the book. I even got caught recently in an English class; the kid sitting next to me was a little disturbed. I know he was really jealous he didn't have the nerve to publicly sniff a book, poor guy.
I read the book and then re-read the first chapter for foreshadowing and whatnot. Don't ask me why I don't re-read the rest of it.
I read the last word......than I try to read the whole thing in one sitting. If its an emotional type book, I read it slowly. If I cant get into the book, I stop reading it. If the book has something I don't know about in it, I'll write on the bookmark, the page and word.
If I'm reading in my own home, my parents' house, or my BF's apartment I HAVE to have a blanket. Even if it's the middle of summer. It's either got to be on my lap or around my shoulders. I need a pillow too. I usually put the pillow on my lap and rest the book on top, or I curl up on the couch on my side to read.,

And sometimes, when I close a book up, with a bookmark between the pages, I kiss the cover before setting it down. I have no clue why I do that, I just do. I also tend to rub glossy-covered books against my cheek, before or after smelling them.

I have this weird, tactile connection with books.

I usually keep a book out on a table or desk for a few days (or weeks) after I finish it so I can reread my favorite parts.

I also love audiobooks because I can put them on while I do dishes & laundry. Also, if there's a sad part I can lie on the couch and cry without worrying about getting tears on the pages.
When I first pick up a book, I have to flip through the pages and then smell the book.
I'll walk while reading. I started doing that when I was six and I think that I've just about mastered the art to the point where I could be in any environment and not walk into anyone or anything.
I refuse to put books in my backpack though. I used to do that when I was little and no matter what my books would always get scuffed along the spine, and it bothers me to no end.
I'll usually read about six or seven books at one time, and I don't bother using bookmarks with any of them because I'm good at remembering what page and what line on that page I stopped on within any book.
. . . I think that covers all of my habits.
At school I always carry to many books according to my friends because not only do I not use my locker so all my stuff for the day is in my bag I have a bunch of reading books (the most was when i once had 9 and that's not counting the time i went to the libary after school took out 12 books already had 3 and had to use my sisters bag to fit them in, not a big deal but you haven't seen our bags they are huge)
i also can't just stop reading my friends have to give me a 5 minute warning so i can get to a good point to stop and if i can't fine one i will just walk and read. i always read during science under the table unless the book is too good to read without silence. if i am reading with everyone talking especial when out eating i will bring my ipod and listen to classical to read because of no words means no distractions and normal songs i started following the music instead of the book. i will sit down and not move for an hour apart from flipping pages because if i move to much i will get out of the reading zone when i can block out all noise and just slip into the story and it's like someone else is reading it to me
I love that new book smell. I also like to first read the last sentence of the book, then proceed to read the rest of the story from the beginning.
I always sniff my books before I even start reading it. All books actually, my school books also. (It's funny when you smell some book and realize it smells exactly the same as your old math book or something.) And after that I start reading. If it's a really good book I read it all_the_time. In fact, I have an open Harry Potter on my desk, as I write. I walk while reading, and I'm pretty good at it too, and I also can read in a noisy room, blocking everything out. If it's not that good or important I usually read before going to bed.
My reading ritual is that when i finish a book, i close the cover and stare at the front of the book for about 10 minutes of so and see if the cover makes any more sense now that i have finished that book than it did before i started. it seems i cannot put a book down until i stare at the cover for a while. also if a character is is trouble or soemthing and may die, i always flip to the last page and skim it to see if they are still alive
I always keep a finger where the end of the actual book is because I hate it when I'm in a state of reading bliss where I think I still have a chapter or so left to read but it turns out that the last section of the book is made up of interviews/blurbs for other books.


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