I saw the Hunger Games movie about a week or so after it came out and I read the book before the movie ws released and when I saw the film I only had one question. Why was there a little bit of a rebelion in Distric 11? I was also talking to a friend of mine and he hasn't read any of the books and he asked me if that happened in the book. I'm pretty sure that there wasn't a mention of any sort of rebellion in distric 11 in the hunger games, catching fire or mockingjay. So have I just been blind and mis read half of the book or do I still have my sanity and are correct?

And also why doesn't Peeta lose his leg in the film. I went crazy when I found out that Josh Hutcherson was playing Peeta because it would have been hilarious to see a blonde Josh Hutcherson with one leg. But then again I probably would have died with laughter as I could barely keep it in just seeing him with blond hair.

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The District 11 mayhem was an interpretation of the director.For cinematic purposes. There was no scene where it was mentioned that something has happened back in 11 because the books is told in katniss' perspective unlike how it was in the movie. That when Rue died maybe Garry thought what would the people of her District reaction would be seeing one of their children so helpless dying just like that just for the Capitol's entertainment. And if you've read the 2nd and third book you'd understand it much better. 

I have read the second and third book but can't remember anything about it. I only asked because I remember her saying about what had happened in some of the other districts but was always looking out for something on distric 11 but maybe I just missed it

It can get confusing sometimes, I get that from time to time.too :) 

Well, there are other rebellions in the other books, so the director probably thought that would make sense in the context of the universe of the Hunger Games, as the emotions and feelings of rebellion were already building up. 


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