I'm part of a collab channel in which I post my reviews of fantasy books on Thursdays.
(Shameless Self-Promotion)

And so I would like to know what fantasy books nerfighters recommend!
It can be anything at all, in terms of fantasy. Vampire, werewolf, faery, plain ol' magic.
The particular sub-category matters not.

So, what do you like?

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Definitely any of the three books from Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials.
Also, Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series is great. I recommend that if you're into stuff like Lord of the Rings.
His Dark Materials. Best fantasy. EVER :D.
I love that series too :)
My friend Nellie recommends The Accidental Sorcerer.
Also, even though it's more horror than fantasy, I recommend Let the Right One in.
the wheel of time series!! love. but it's all over now i heard :(
Robert Jordan died before finishing the WOT saga. Apparently he left lots of notes and some outlines so there will be a final book put together. Brandon Sanderson is writing it and it is scheduled to be released in three parts over the next few years.

The Dark Tower series of novels by Stephen King were pretty cool. Kinda like fantasy-westerns.
Old Magic by Marianne Curley is pretty's also a fairly easy read, so it would work well if you're crunched for time at some point! His Dark Materials is also excellent!
Thanks! It's great to have some recommendations that would work well in a pinch!
Anything Francesca Lia Block wrote. Her books are LA subculture infused with fantasy, like Greek myths, fairy magic, and the like. They are amazing. The best would be Echo, Ecstasia, Primavera, and My Life as a Teenage Fairy. Oh and Pysche in a Dress
Any of Neil Gaiman's fantasy novels; I like Neverwhere the best. Steven Erikson is also brilliant epic-fantasist, and One for Sorrow by Chris Barzak is pretty good.

I second Francesca Lia Block and Phillip Pullman. They both rock.
Neverwhere is a fantastic book! I checked it out from my library last year on the suggestion of a friend.
Neverwhere is so amazing.
Ummm....Darren Shadn, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians(realy funny) various other things, but I am to sleep-deprived to list them right now.


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