Greetings everyone! Recently, I've had this idea of making a split vlog, in which 5 different people from 5 different countries each make a vlog, one for each day of the week, on a single channel. We could also have other people involved, tasked with making the music, the editing, etc...And perhaps even have "guest vlogs" from non-regular vloggers who want to share their ideas and opinions?


Anyways, as with most good ideas I get, I didn't really take it any further than that, until three minutes ago on the ning:


  •  42 (Forty Two)

    If anyone here is interested, I've had this idea for a while of making a split vlog, in which 5 different people from 5 different countries make a vlog, one for each day of the week, on a single channel.


  • Marie (Sunako) Tessier

    Oooh I'd want to do that!


  •  42 (Forty Two)

    Anyone else interested?


  • Thomas ~Blogs NingMaster~

    Hmm, maybe.


  • 42 (Forty Two)

    We could also have other people involved, tasked with making the music, the editing, etc...And perhaps even have "guest vlogs" from non-regular vloggers who want to share their ideas and opinions?

  • Marie (Sunako) Tessier



  • Morringhan

    i like the idea! im from brazil if the spot hasnt been filled yet


  •  42 (Forty Two)

    :D Perhaps I should start a forum thread for it then?


  • Marie (Sunako) Tessier

    omg this is so awesome... yes a forum thread sounds good


So here I am :D

Given my notorious perfectionism when it comes to my writing, I've opted to make this introductory thread as short and sweet as possible.

So far, potentially interested members include:


Myself (Quebec, Canada)

Sarah (Ozzie) (United States)

Edoardo (Puerto Rico)

Haley (United States)




We are still looking for anyone interested, whether in becoming a full time vlogger or simply a guest, or even in making a possible soundtrack or intro.

Here is a simple form to fill in if you wish to join:




Role interested in:

Languages spoken:

Link to previous videos (If you have any. Optional, don't worry if you have none.)

Anything else we should know about you: (Quirks, personality, medical condition, possible alien abduction at birth, etc...)


I look forward to your responses! :D

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Splendid :D

That's five vloggers!

I'll notify the other members immediatly.

Nice to have you on board Haley :D

Name: Sarah (Ozzie)

Country: United States

Role interested in: Guest vlogger (more of a time thing than an interest thing ^^;;; )

Languages spoken: English (I'm terrible at learning languages)

Link to previous videos: My Channel  It's new and young and I'm new at this, so, uh, it's kind of rough, haha.  I have a new video going up today (hopefully) where I take a walk in a park and talk, and I think it's more solid than the first.  *cough*

Anything else we should know about you: I tend to be pessimistic, misanthropic, and REALLY opinionated.  But I'm really good at also saying "I don't have enough information on this topic to have an accurate opinion".  I like to be goofy but it can be really hard to get out of me, because I'm super introverted.  But I'm totally okay with laughing at myself (and the stuff I edit out of videos is something pretty ridiculous and useful for fun things)  I also have a tendency to come across as angry but thanks to the power of movie magic I'm good at breaking it up in videos to make it clear that I'm not? o_O  Um.  I also like to vlog while walking I've discovered.  I SWEAR I'M A FUN PERSON!!! DDD:

Hey there Sarah :D

I've looked through your videos, and I must say, I found them very entertaining. I particularly enjoyed your dry wit and humour :)

I think I speak for all of us when I say we would be glad to have you as a guest or even full time vlogger, should you be so inclined.

Feel free to share any ideas or suggestions you might have.

Welcome on board :D

Sorry for taking so long to respond!  I was waiting to see if another thread I replied to before posting here got responded to (oh my English), but it seems to be a dead topic of conversation.  It was also for a collab channel, so I didn't want to over-commit myself.  I would be interested in being a full-time vlogger if you still need another person, but am also perfectly happy as part-time if need be.

Again, sorry for being slow to respond.  Meat-space is annoying!

It's fine, I completely understand... :)

Although, considering the current lack of response from more than half of the other participants, I'm seriously starting to consider simply laying the project to rest alltogether. I mean, out of the 8 people who were interested, there are 3 I haven't heard of since their initial reply and 1 that never even bothered to respond in the first place.

Therefore, unless I obtain at least 1 confirmation within the following week, I'll officially declare it dead. Not to worry, I'll most likely start another one later on, starting over from scratch. You may naturally feel free to re-apply then.

In other news, since we now have enough members, we should be commencing shortly.

I already recieved a confirmation email from Morringhan, and am still awaiting for responses from Dana, Marie and Thomas'.



-Forty Two.

Hmm... I still haven't gotten any responses from the other vloggers...

In the meantime, I will still be accepting applications, and simply presume they are either no longer interested or unable to participate, unless I hear word of them.

im actually not gonna be able to do it due to a sudden change in my work schedule, maybe if the idea gets a little held up ill be able to again?


Very well.

Edoardo Ortiz

The beautiful island of Puerto Rico :) 



I love writing and music :)

I'm usually outgoing and friendly...go ahead and talk to me :)

No abductions yet... :(

Awesome! Shame about the abduction though... Maybe next time?

Anyway, I browsed through your videos quite a bit.I must say, I really enjoyed them, particularly the late night vlogging ones :D...

I'll add you to the list straight away. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the project, feel free to ask. We are also currently lacking a name, so all ideas are appreciated. Perhaps something refering to the multi-cultural aspect of the vlog?

Anyways, welcome to the team :D



-Forty Cornelius Alfred Two.


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