I just finished rewatching The Reichenbach Fall and I had no idea I could feel so horrifyingly dead inside....
Anyone else?

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I was rewatching Reichenbach for the sake of taking some screenshots, and the last third of it, just as before, reduced me to a shapeless heap of melancholia.

I think it would have destroyed me so much more if the last half minute or so hadn't had happened. I have to say Martin Freeman is such an incredible natural actor. Even the way he walks throughout the series, it's all done in a way that never says "hey, i'm acting," it's just being.

I think that if therapists specialised in Getting Over Sherlock, they would all be millionaires...

The whole last 20 minutes just reduced me to a pile of tears. The acting was so great and the build up to the final roof scene was fantastic. 

While we're on this topic, lets talk about our theories on how Sherlock survived.

Do you think the biker who knocks John over was part of Sherlock's Plan? Is Mycroft in on it? I think it's pretty obvious that Molly is, but what about Irene?

If the biker wasn't a part of the plan then the world really hates John. His best friend just jumped of a building in front of him and he can't even get to him without a random dude knocking him over. That's just cruel. It could be a red herring, but, in my opinion, it a part of the plan.

I'm not sure about Mycroft, but I hope he helped too. Just to make up for selling his brother to his arch enemy (maybe he was jealous at Moriarty for stealing his title).

I think we won't see anymore of Irene. She is sort of a one time character. I don't think she was in on it.

Molly helped, for sure, but I think Sherlock didn't tell her everything.

January 2012 was like a pool of tears for me. First I read TFIOS and then Reichenbach happened. Chocolate, tissues, and alone on the water. Yep. That's how I got through the rest of the month.


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