I decided to ask help from Nerdfigtheria for this, apart form other people. I like a girl that's two years older than me. We're friends, and she's in my school, but I don't know if anything could happen between us and I don't want to tell her for now. Can anyone help me? I think I'm in love with her.

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Ok tell me ages?  I personally went through something similar.  My current boyfriend is a year younger than me and I fell hard for him.  But sometimes it's best to wait til you guys are older, believe it or not lol.

I believe it

She's 15, I'm 13

Ya, Nico It'd be best if you waited.  I understand that you really have strong feelings for her.  Show her through the little things you do.  Don't worry about telling her until you guys are older.  Right now just enjoy being single.  Trust me it's lots of fun!  Go and spend time with all of your friends. 

I don't think I would be able to tell her anyways. If I did, I probably would never be able to look her in the face again for a long time.

Honestly, if you're afraid to tell her then it isn't actually love.  you THINK it is, but you'll realize (eventually) that's not the case 99.87654001% of the time.

Wait a minute I disagree.  I was scared for years to tell my now boyfriend my feelings.  You see we had an amazing friendship and the idea of him not feeling the same way devistated me.  I can feel for you deeply Nico.  But trust me, wait a little while.

hope this is not to late but, take a chance you never know and if she says no then you haven't really lost anything if she stops been friends with you then thats a loss on her part but i'm sure she wont :) 

Just become friends with her, but not "friend zone." Just be friends and then you can flirt with her. The thing is, I would rather be friends with a guy first so it's less awkward to talk to them. So my advice is to be sweet and friendly and maybe after a while she'll show interest in you and then voila! you got yourself the girl :) hope that helps


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