Hey! I'm new here on the ning and I am curious about other Nerdfighter's religions. I do not mean to get into your business, I am just an incredibly curious person. Personally, I am a Unitarian Universalist, influenced by Paganism, Humanism and I'm agnostic.

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lol and I actually laughed out loud
haah, i like that description of it, i have the same problem
Me too!
atheism FTW guys =]
Same here!
Yep, me too!
Same here.
I'm like that, but inbetween the ones that can't make up there minds...

Agnostics.... THATS IT

I am an Athnostic

hehe =]
ag, me too. why so excited?
Me too, but I wouldn't shout about it. The thing that kept me away for so long was the militant way in which they presented themselves. (I'm not saying this is you)


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