I was just interested in the cultural and religious demographic of Nerdfightaria, I'd like to hear what everyone's cultural and spiritual back round is. Of course if you're not comfortable revealing anything, then no pressure :) My parents are both middle eastern but I was born and raised in the US.

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I'll do this:

Irish, Scottish, Italian, German, Polish, Native American, British. Probably more too.
Raised in America.

Anarchist. Covers everything.

Non-Fundamentalist Christian.
Raised as a loose Christian, then did my own research and what not.


This ones strange, I'm partially what you'd consider 'emo' and partially a 'hippie'.

Probably some more stuff to put here....
Not much time to explain but..... God is freaking amazing. I have seen him change lives for the best. (Born and raised in south Detroit...jk i just wanted to say that. USA girl anyways)
I was raised moron. *cough* mormon *cough* then I gradually became more and more doubtful of that garbage.

I am an Atheist. (yes "am AN Atheist" is the correct grammar... idk why that bugs me.)
God iz dumb. I hatez da Gawd. Eff him bro. Liek, yeh.

different topic.

I'm (according to my friends) an oxymoron because I'm a German Russian Jew...  My dad is technically Catholic but I've never seen him go to church except for funerals...  My mom's family is from Russia (technically Lithuania) and was all Jewish.


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