As I do my homework for my Online Degree Program today, I am listening to Charlie McDonnell and break between assignments to watch Vlogbrother videos from over a year ago.  I picked up on Crash Course a few weeks ago, and from there found the Vlogborthers/Bortherhood 2.0 and then all of Nerdfighteria.

  A constant for my life's view of the world is a constant expectation that the worst has yet to come, but the bad is ever present.  I am not depressed or anything, rather I just accepted that the majority of the world is controlled by corruption, collusion, and crime (that's my 3C theory as to why almost every ideal system fails).

  However, after a solid two week intake of the awesome that is Nerdfighteria, I am reluctantly optimistic about the future.  Even after witnessing Iraq as a US Army Soldier and watching continued political infighting for the betterment of only a few and at the cost of lives (both economically and literally) I am truly amazed at the positive value that Nerdfighteria has.

  I will finish my homework today as of have done every week for over a year now.  However, today is different.  Today I am not finishing just for me, I am now finishing my homework to add more expertise that I plan to share for free to the betterment of everyone.  No I am not going to work for free (I do have bills).  I am looking to make a Nerdfighteria-centric YouTube channel that is geared towards computers and tech.  I hope to share aspects about tech that will help anyone who uses computers.

Thanks for reading this, and I would like to hear anyone's comments about starting a YouTube channel and how to format videos in a consistent and helpful manner.  I am without FinalCut, I can get it, but I would like to know if there is a Windows compatible solution to video editing that is preferred.


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I've just started posting videos on a regular basis, so I sort of know what you are going through. Why did no one ever mention how long editing takes?

Anyways, I use Adobe Premiere on my Windows PC. It's not cheap by any means (and what Adobe product is?), but as a student you might be eligible to get student pricing on their Creative Cloud plan. You pay a monthly fee (like $20 for students) and get access to a bunch of Adobe's creative suite, including Premiere CS6.

As someone who wanted to upgrade to the latest Photoshop and all of that, it's been a good solution so far.

Best of luck to you and thank you for your service.

This will help me out big time (actual endorsement from someone using it for the same purpose I plan to).

Do you post public videos?  If so, toss up a link; I would like to check them out.

I'm glad it's helpful. I'm still learning some of the features of the newest version, but luckily Premiere hasn't changed too much.

My biggest piece of advice is SAVE OFTEN. By default, CS6 autosaves every 20 minutes, but I lost a good chunk of that last night when I doubled clicked on a source file to snip it and the program crashed.

My vlog is up over here:

I'm working on locking in an every-other-day schedule and so far I have a lot on my list to talk about.

Best of luck to you!


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