From the words of John Green : 16-year-old Esther Earl, a huge inspiration to nerdfighteria, died this morning. We will miss her so much.

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Please let this be a troll being cruel...
It's not. TT__TT
Rest in peace, Esther :(
She desverves a dedication in the Guide to Nerfighting, Rest In Peace.
absolutely. it should be dedicated to her.
Most definetely. rest in awesome Esther.
I agree she should!!
This is making me so depressed.
May she rest well in a place that has no world suck.

Don't Forget That She's Awesome.
DFTSA. RIP Esther.
Rest in Peace, Esther.

Is there any way we can organize small Nerdfighter gatherings across the country to show support? There would have to be an official listing, but I think we should.


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