Does anyone know it? Dyou love it? Hate it? Tell me!

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I haven't seen it, but lately a lot of YouTube makeup gurus have been doing tutorials for looks from Repo! and I'm really interesting in getting the DVD. Unfortunately, my store doesn't have it. :[ Also, I love that song.
And there are so many more, just as awesome. If you can find some way of obtaining the DVD, please do, its an epic movie. The only reason it isn't popular was underfunding.
Definitely will get a copy. I'm sure Barnes and Noble or Books-A-Million will have one.
your best friend is epic
D: Why?
Amazingamazingamazingmovieholycraplovelovelove. (You can tell there's love by the blatant disregard of grammar. D:)

Also, my roommate shadowcasted as Shilo and met Terrence Zdunich. Who called her sexy. Uber-jealous.
Omigosh -fangirl faint- That's awesome, and I am also uber jealous! I'm gonna cosplay Amber to FanExpo this year, where I'm hoping Terrance will be. I've started a petition to get him there.
It felt like it was trying too hard to be the new Rocky Horror and the music was more irritating than anything. I think they may have decided to make it into a musical after writing the script.
Actually it was always a musical. It originated as a short stage musical.
OH MY GOD! Thats my favorite movie! <3

Also When i saw that commerical for Repo Man a new movie oming out, I got so ANGRY it's the same bacis idea as Repo but subtract the singing.
I know, right?
This movie was the biggest piece of crap waste of life i've ever seen. I lie awake at night in agony, wishing that i could unsee it. Also, REPO fans are quite possibly the only creature more annoying than twilight fans.


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