Here is my review of Rick Perry's recent campaign ad. 

I want to know you honestly would vote for this guy. 

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From what I heard on that thread was somwthing is wrong when gays can serve openly in the military but kids cant celebrate christmas and pray in school. Thats not meant to be anti gay but a problem with people and the hollidays and crist. He only meant that as an example of the disparity of what is acceptable.

For the benefit of non-Ameircans, what exactly ARE his positions (other than his campaign ad)? What stupid things did he say in debates and in general? 

That was funny :)

But what exactly are his stances? What does he promise to do when he's elected (does he remember what those are)?

He will probably get the whole government groupy thing to sit down in the big white colored house while many priests leads them in a prayer to make the gun battle in the middle-earth with the big scary men to go away and for everyone there to convert to Christianity. Once he solves that problem he will lead the world in a prayer to make the little economy arrow on the chart go up until we're all rich. Afterwards he probably imagines every tree, animal, and person getting together and performing a song of joy complete with dance choreography until Jesus comes down and appoints him king of the world and nobody ever makes fun of him for being an idiot again.

I'm sorry you probably don't know why I'm making fun of him. Back in the summer there was a drought in Texas (my home state) and he created this "Pray for Rain" weekend campaign thing where every day from Friday to Sunday the entire state would spend the day praying to whatever god they believed in for it to begin raining again. Seeing as I am an atheist I wasn't really sure who to pray to so I just prayed to Cthulhu. Now that I told you that you should just stop asking questions, assume his stances don't really matter, and quietly go away before he makes you hate everything.

I've heard that rain didn't come until a certain atheist convention came to town, is that true?


Well according to these guys thats how it all went down -->

So what if he is religeous? What is the big deal if he asked the state to pray for rain? That didn't hurt anybody. He didn't say anything about gays.

I take great pleasure from following this guy, and other equally outlandish republican candidates, from the safe distance of my home, and I must say I can feel Abreo's shame all the way here;)

*sniffs* Thank you Eistein, your sympathy means a lot to me.

Move to Illinois. We are only half as dumb and we get snow.


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