Here is my review of Rick Perry's recent campaign ad. 

I want to know you honestly would vote for this guy. 

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I did the same thing. I think you may be my new friend for sharing this. Meaghan's head desking comment that is.

We may have to get you a helmet if you keep watching these debates.

I wouldn't consider it, I would do it. Its going to get a lot worse in means of stupidity. I would hate to have you suffer any trauma to the face or head because of some politicians brain to mouth filter malfunctioning.

I am sure you could make it work. I have faith.

Liberalism =/= Satanism.


I'm a liberal and an atheist, but that doesn't mean I'm out to destroy Christianity.

It doesn't mean I have a vendetta against Christmas.

And just because I support my gay friends, that doesn't mean I'm amoral and root for the Jihadist groups.


Bigotry won't get you anywhere but with those who hold your same view, Perry.

And they aren't many.

Have you tried? xD


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