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I don't really like River to much either, but I think she makes everything a little more intresting. I have a really horribal feeling the the good man she kills is the Dr but that would truly SUCK! so I hope it Rory or someone equaly as important that we have yet to meet, I like Rory but not as much as the Dr. If its the Dr I may cry... (not actualy joking)

Or alternatively she could get squashed by the tardis or somthing, I could live with that.

OMG She should be crushed by the TARDIS... the TARDIS is jealous of the Doctor's affections for River. XD

Here is my theory:


The Doctor never finds River and she is raised as a weapon. She always says she killed a good man, and I think that good man is the Doctor...and she does it because she was raised too.

My thoughts excatly! What I'm not yet sure about is how they'll fix the Doctor dying.




Ok, now I have Alex Day in my head singing ''The doctor is Dying''

I like River. I think it's a great addition to have a side-character that cannot die (anymore). We all know the Doctor will live on and on and on, but his companions are mere mortals. To have a quasi-companion of whom we know she will die in the "Forest of the dead"-Epsiode, assures us that she will (probably) survive all that lies inbetween. My guess is that she will kill a doctor-flesh-clone.
Um... we already have a character who can't die before there was River... Captain Jack?

But I see your point. XD

I don't have a clue how they will handel River, but I'm sure it will be awesome.

Also, I would love it if Rory went all parental on her. I love Rory.

River: Daddy? Can I kill the Doctor?
Rory: *thinks about it* Wait, no. Heck no. Go to your room.
River: But Daddy!
Rory: That's it. I said no. End of discussion. And no sneaking out of your room again or they'll be no centurion daddy stories for bedtime.

2 theories:

1- Doctor is going back to hand out the invites and get killed by River (as a little girl), but there is some twist that means he doesn't actually die (ganger or something), and will spend a double episode or so sorting out the people who kidnapped her. This would explain why River is always in jail for murder, she would have been thought to has killed him. This works quite well, except how the Doctor lives and who the people behind it are.

2 - Doctor is going back in time, like you said, to save River pre-killing. Somehow I don't see this happening, although it is probably possible for it to be manoeuvred like that, it would leave a lot of previous episodes not making sense, as someone else would have killed him and she wouldn't have been in jail. They could, however, do this and have him come back to life and get re-killed by River at a later date, which knowing the BBC he would live though again.

As for the idea of her travelling with him as a kid, which I agree it's a bit weird, she was originally in a (very creepy) orphanage. This means they wont get to her/ will have to leave her, for most of her childhood.

She won't have to stay in the Orphanage... Rory and Amy can adopt their own child... XD
But if she's not raised by Amy and Rory (or the Doctor... which is creepy) then she WILL be raised as a weapon, most likely to kill the Doctor and then end up in jail, making her an on and off companion like she is. As long as she's in jail, she'll never be a regular companion... Even the Doctor has ethics. Yeah, he helps her escape for an adventure every so often, but he knows she has to serve her time for what she did.
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