For such a big city there are so few nerdfighters :(

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Sad you can't make it, but really happy you got a nerdfightastic job. Yay! :)
I'll be leaving in about 15 minuets to get to the mall.
Sorry you can't make it but yay for a job. When you get your schedule let us know so we can plan the next one around it.
I'll be sure to let you all know! :D The orientation was pretty interesting, fo sho!
How'd it go at the mall? Fun? :)
I heard that it was. (: You and I should join them next time.
Yes, it was lots of fuuun. :]
You both should come next timee! We needed more people. :P
Definitely should!
yeah it was a lot of fun :)
Ha ha, I'll be sure to let you all know what my work looks like (:
Is texas a decipticon state =(
nah thiers plenty, everything just dang hard to find here XP


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