Like the title says, say an internet meme. The first meme to come to mind, a random meme, etc.

By the way- A meme is like a popularized phrase or action from shows, videos or parodies. It's a concept that spreads though the internet.


I'll say...

IT'S OVER 9000!!!!

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OOOHHH YEEAAHH - Cool-iad guy
for an entirely different and inoffensive reason i was saying, 'the goggles, they do NOTHING!'  this real harm done though.

AAHHHHH NERDFIGHTERS (guitar riff) .... woah. what function key do i need to hit to do that again?

ok, it's an obscure one, but anyway

THE POST IS OVER! (dun nah...) aww man

that guy will never have a girlfriend...

Base base base base, the buttery biscuit base!

i'm unfamiliar with this one

no, i know about all your base...i'd be surprised if anyone on the internet hadn't.  the reply through me though.

One does not simply say an internet meme.



we who are about to rock, salute you.


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