To fight against suck, I have noticed, you must first decide what sucks about the world, or more specifically, your world. We have a Spring Formal coming up at my school, and while I'm planning to go, I don't usually like dances much. What do you Nerdfighters think about school dances? Did/does your school put on good ones, or, maybe they do really suck. This could be dances from middle school and high school if you are an adult, so no one is excluded from this discussion. Just wondering what everyone thought. Cheers!
<3, Kay

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my school dances have little triangle sandwiches. IT. IS. AWSOME.
but other than that, its a boring way to spend an hour of my life because no one dances. unless I burst into random dance with my friends. then it's funny while everybody stares at us.
That's great... yum.
And yes, just yes, because that's how EVERY dance is. EVER.
I have never been ever, to any dance at all. My first one will be prom. My friend got high at his school dance last week, and got suspended for 6 days, smart guy.
I love my school dances but the last one i went to my reading teacher was stalking me
( IT WAS CREEPY TIME INFINITY) But it was cause i just got permission to walk ( i brokeded my leg) but it was still creepy
Your leg must have been made of something weak... Like paper machê or... Raditses...
no the concret i landed on was just harder
I liked dances in high school because I liked dancing and had a lot of friends who liked dancing who would go dance with me. If you don't like dancing and/or your friends aren't planning on going to the dance, then you probably wouldn't have much fun. I also really liked dressing up for formal dances, so there's that. How much fun you have at a dance generally depends about how fun the people you are with are, so if you like dancing and dressing up, get your friends together and go! If not, get your friends to come over for a movie night or something and have just as much fun!
i always always always think that dances would be better with indie rock. dancing to "boom" by flight of the conchords would be excellent.
That is.... oh-so-amazing.
We had one dance in third form (so we were 13) and the school hall got completely trashed, the teachers' tires got slashed, gang members showed up, people were lying all over the seats making out, people were wasted, not to mention all the grinding that was going on on the dance floor.

So yeah, they didn't let us have another one.

In sixth and seventh form, though, we got to have our school ball, which I guess is an equivalent of prom ... except it's not expected that you go with a date, and there's no prom king and queen. The music was absolutely dreadful both years, so most people left early to run off to their hotel rooms, or they went into town to hit zee clubs.

I still managed to have a relatively good time, cause me and my girls love to dance like psychos. Plus it's funny/tragic watching your drunk classmates in heels. (Technically, intoxicated students aren't allowed in, but some of the teachers get wasted too ... so ... yeah.)
I liked the idea of school dances before high school-getting all dolled up to hang with your friends all night (plus I never wear dresses so I get to shock everyone :) ) but in reality at my school they just arent worth it really. There's WAY too much drama, only dirty dancing, the music is horrid except for the 5 or so slow songs. which is why I'm only going to prom next year. If that.
School dances in general bore me to tears. It doesn't help that many of my friends expect me to make all major decisions for them and refuse to do anything on their own. The last dance I went to was homecoming this year. It was terribly boring and one of my friends was in the middle of the dance floor feeling like she was gonna pass out, but refusing to leave by herself (I had to drag her off). Sooo, I figure my next school dance experience will probably be prom. Because my friends will never forgive me for not going to prom, and I figure it could at least become an interesting story.


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