"Darwin and Evolution has no basis on fact. Actually they are more of a religion by definition. Science themselves have proven Evolution wrong. Science shows that there at one time was a world wide flood and that by FACT the sun shrinks at constant rate of 3ft per hour. Now if the math is done there is no way the Earth can be over 9000 years old cause the sun would burn it up. Same way with the dust on the moon falls at a constant rate. When we first went to the moon the had huge pads with legs cause if the Earth was billions of years old the dust would be thick but it was not. Before you start talking about theories that apparently you haven't studied maybe you need to read them as a whole and not in part. So parts are believable but as a whole it is impossible. God does exist but people make our own decisions and we pollute what God has ordained. This is why our country was so great cause we was founded on God, but because we have hardened our hearts and turned away from him is why the country is in the shape it is in. Oh and for fact we don't believe the world started 5000 years ago. If you study the time line approx 5000 years ago was the flood. the Earth was here about 2000 years prior to the flood."

-john pennington

Completely. Irrefutable.

Yeah, saw this comment on a Yahoo article. I chuckled :)

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I have become even more dissapointed in the human race. I didn't think that was possible :D
lol, i thought you were serious. i'm so relieved.
Oh, you aren't serious? Haha, I was going to say... there's some questionable grammar in thurr for "science writing."

Surprising people believe in Creationism, though. You want to knock them on the head with a dinosaur bone.
Haha I thought about the grammar bit too. This guy talked about the need for people to know their facts before they form opinions.... but he has some grammar facts he needs to check himself.
their perfectly free to believe what they want. where I take issue is when they try to convince other people that they're right. get off my lawn, Jehovah's Witness people!
The first "their" should also be "they're"

- A Friendly Grammar Nerd

On this topic I recently saw a little kid who goes to Catholic school and he was saying that he asked his teacher why God didn't tell Noah to kill the two mosquitoes when all they were going to cause in the future was Malaria and other diseases. Her response was "God kept the mosquitoes alive to feed the iguanas in the jungles." Hmmm.......there's something to ponder......
And then God created Malaria, sleeping sickness, and ross river fever, just for the lulz.
the sun is shrinking at 3 ft/hr? mr. pennington be trollin'!
I don't think the sun shrinks 3 feet every hour. If it did, I probably would have heard of this. Plus, just because it's shrinking at that rate now (that is, if it really is shrinking like that) it doesn't mean that it's always been shrinking at that rate.

Creationists are a disgrace to people who identify as religious. Srsly. Don't deny what's been proven to you time and time again. That's just ignorant.
Actually, that part is true. The sun does shrink about 3 feet per hour. But other than that, the whole damned comment is pure bollocks. And it saddens me that there are people out there who believe this.
Is the rate constant though?


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