Seeking: Two to Four College-Age Vloggers for Collab

A year or so ago, my friends and I decided we wanted to start a collab vlog called Project Positive. One decided she did not want to participate, however, and the other and I never quite managed to get things going. I want to try again. 

Our goal was to decrease suck, obviously. There would be three types of days:

Positive Prank Days (One Day a Week): Take turns doing some small positive prank and thus create a way to see positive things happening. The goal would be to take turns doing this. If we have videos seven days a week, this would mean pranking once every seven weeks, so it shouldn't be a huge commitment. If it's an issue, let me know.

Challenge Days (One Day a Week): This is the one I really, really, really want to see happen, no matter what. The thing that frustrated my friends and I was that every time someone suggested a way to improve the world, it improved money or transportation that we didn't have. The idea for challenge days was to make a video with a challenge like, "Go through your closet and find five articles of clothing you don't wear anymore. Donate them next time you go to a place that has a clothes drop off," talk about why you picked it, and explain how it might create more awesome in the world. These can be ANYTHING! The goal would be to take turns doing these as well, obviously on a different schedule than the Positive Prank Days so that no one ever had to do three videos in one week.

Vlog Days: These are the other three to five days of the week. They're pretty self explanatory. Talk about anything. Something awesome, some notsome you experience, puppy-sized elephants... Anything your little heart desires, really. XD

But, yeah. I don't know if anyone out there is game for it, but it's something I would really like to see happen. If interested, please fill out:



Country/Time Zone:

Best Means of Contact (YouTube, Email, Skype, on here, etc):


Preferred Day:

Any Objections?: 

A video sample would also be AMAZING, if you're able to give it.

For me: 

Name: Linnea

Age: 18

Time Zone: Central

Best Means of Contact: Email.

Interests: Math, nerds, positive pranking, Harry Potter, writing, musicals, theatre

Preferred Day: Fridays (Out of class early and no tutoring those nights)

Objections: None. 

I'll get a video sample up soon. My camera's in my room on-campus and I'm home for the evening. XD

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Bump. :)

Name: Haley

Age: 18

Country/Time Zone: USA. Central time zone when I'm at home, but I'll be in the eastern time zone while at college.

Best Means of Contact (YouTube, Email, Skype, on here, etc): Contacting me on here is fine.

Interests: writing, reading, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Avatar: The Last Airbender, various other things

Preferred Day: It doesn't really matter.

Any Objections?: This isn't so much an objection as just letting you know I'm not sure how great my pranks would be.  I've never been good at pulling pranks off, but I'm willing to try.

Also, I start my freshmen year in the fall.  I just thought I'd let you know that I haven't actually started college yet.

I post videos here if you want to watch them.

Name: Priscilla!

Age: 18

Time Zone: I live in Calgary. Alberta

Best Means of Contact:

Interests: Art, music, reading, walking, etc.

Preferred Day: Doesnt really matter. (: 

Objections: None. 

Name: Dana Louise

Age: 18

Country/Time Zone: The netherlands, ( so Amsterdam time zone )

Best Means of Contact (YouTube, Email, Skype, on here, etc): On here, or by email ( )

Interests: Singing, Reading, Writing, Gaming, Harry Potter, Hunger Games. Maaaany more :)

Preferred Day: Wednesday/Thursday/Fridays are fine with me!

Any Objections?: Nope!

Eep! Hello! Sory I haven't replied for a week or so. :) I didn't know this thread had gotten any hits. My friend Nicole is also in on this, so we have five of us now. :)

For positive pranking, they don't have to be... Funny. Positive pranks my friend and I have done are things like leaving encouraging notes under peoples' windshield wipers at a mall, taping "You're beautiful no matter what you're wearing" on dressing room mirrors, and wrapping up tootsie pops and "tp-ing" our dorms by leaving them on everyone's doors. We also did "bp-ing, it's like tp-ing, but better" with blowpops. XD So, it's just little stuff. 

And I'm super excited about this! Do you guys have Skype or anything or a way for all of us to talk and try to work out the mechanics of this?

I have a Skype (although I rarely use it).  It's hmweasley if you want to add me.

My Skype name is priscilla.liu-tcheng. I'm not really on it though. Maybe google+?

Google+ is a really good idea! 

I'd be a lot more comfortable with that one as well. :) I like Skype for communication purposes, but I also really like limiting my Skype to close friends and family, so G+ works better for that, too. :)

Great! Sounds good, whats your profile?

Name Emily

Age 22 - so older :p

Best Means of Contact - email skype tumblr

Interests -  piano dance violin peforming theatre film travelling languages psychology history cultures buddhism

Preferred day - don't mind

I’m looking for a Vlogger whom I can collaborate with for a month. There will be no days assigned, the Vlogger must simply create two videos throughout the whole month in collaboration with the videos I create. If interested, please post below your YouTube Channel.


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