Right now I’m gearing up for my senior comprehensive project (“comp”), and I would like to talk to you all about it a little bit. At the moment, my project is tentatively titled “The Psychology of Bullying: A Search for Self-Acceptance”. I’m trying to raise money on Indiegogo, which is a website that helps people reach out and raise money for projects, because funding from my school is so completely limiting so as to make it impossible to succeed in my project without outside funding.

My comp is going to be a semester-long project in which I do a lot of research and I am in charge of organizing my time and keeping my project on track (i.e., being an artist). I will be doing a series of dark room and digital prints relating to and discussing in a visual format my experience being bullied from Kindergarten through the 12th grade. These experiences have deeply affected the ways in which I approach social interactions, my coping skills, my academics, and so much more that I understand so little about.

I have what is commonly known as the Impostor Syndrome – no matter what I do, how much work I put into something or how much praise I receive for the work that I do, I feel as if I’m a fake, that I’m tricking people into believing that I’m something that I am not. No matter what I do, I don’t feel that I deserve anything at all. I don’t know the exact point in time that I developed this syndrome, but I have come to realize that it came about from the building-up of mockery, rumors, and bullying that I endured throughout the years.

My hope going into this project is to learn more about how being bullied has so changed me, but also to overcome at least part of these crippling issues. Anything you can do to help would be GREATLY appreciated, even if it’s to pass the link along to others you think would be interested. Indiegogo has various levels of what they call “perks”, and I have lots of options from a note of thanks on the Acknowledgements section of my comp paper to one of the original prints that will be displayed in the gallery at the end of the semester. For more information and/or to donate, here is the link:
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On the subject of bullying, definitely check out the book, "Sticks and Stones" by Emily Bazel. It's a real eye-opener.


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