CALLING ALL NERDFIGHTERS!!! Post your funny/awesome/weird/creepy conversations that have happened on Omegle here!

I love reading these in nerimon's video comments, so how about a whole forum of them?
Here's one I just did. I happened to get a Spanish person which was awesome cause I know a little....
Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hello
Stranger: que es?
You: Nerimon? Si si?
Stranger: como?
You: Nerimon es una estrella de Youtube tambien es un NERDFIGHTER!
Stranger: ok
Stranger: adonde eres tu?
You: Nueva Zelanda. Y tu?
Stranger: La Argentina
You: Que fantastico! Fui a Peru durante el ano pasado y era AWESOME!! Knock knock
Stranger: que chevere
You: yeah that's all my spanish..... ADIOS!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Not my greatest but I blame that on the slow typing/nerfighterian-ignorant Stranger.

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Stranger: hi
Stranger: f/M
You: hi
You: I'm actually an asexual tiger
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
You: They're shooting at us!
You: BRIAN!!
You: no.... no
You: *sobbing*
You: Brrrrriiiiiiiaaaaaaaannnnnn!
Stranger: Do you like Japanese AV
You: Brian? You're alive!
You: Speak to me!
You: someone get a doctor
You: we're gonna make it off this beach Brian
You: back to Mississippi
You: your kids are waiting for you brian
Stranger: Japanese AV you like it?
You: What, The japanese? No brian this is Normandy! Oh God he's delusional DOCTOR!
Stranger: Japanese AV you kown?
Stranger: 会中文不?
You: Listen Brian, there's hope for you yet, just don't give up! Your kids are back in Mississippi, and the farm... Remember the farm?
You: Damn Krauts!
Stranger: Neuropathy?
Stranger: SB?
You: Yep, your father he was the neurologist, in Oregon
I post in this thread too much... Anyway... I just had this really long conversation concerning Doctor Who. Except the person I was talking to had never seen it, and I never actually mentioned that my dialogue was from Doctor Who until the end. There was an lol moment though.

Stranger: Alas, my lord, do you have a restroom?
You: Of course!
You: In the TARDIS, down the hall, third door on your left.
Stranger: And it's not a trick? I'm not going to be vaporized when I walk in, right?
You: Nah.
You: If I wanted you dead, I'd have taken you to Skarro.
Stranger: Well, excuse me for a second then.
You: Certainly.
Stranger: Quite the place (:
You: It's bigger on the inside, in case you haven't noticed.
Stranger: Yeah, I was thinking that.
You: They all do.
Stranger: You've had others in here?
Stranger: I thought I was special...

Which made me laugh uncontrollably because it reminded me of this:

YOU: Anyone there.
STRANGER: but i am here.
YOU: Knock knock.
STRANGER: don't worry
STRANGER: i don't have a dore.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
Stranger: i hope to be fucking
You: i have to warn you though...
You: i do not like green eggs and ham, i do not like them sam i am
You: i do not like them here or there
You: i do not like them anywhere
I may have recruited a nerdfighter! Observe:

Stranger: so i hope you are having a pretty good day
Stranger: night
Stranger: whatever
You: i am actually
You: well i had a good day
You: i am going to say something weird now, and if you don't get it don't worry about it:
You: be dododo
Stranger: no, is is from an internet forum
Stranger: /
Stranger: ?
You: sort of
You: nevermind
You: anyway how was your day
Stranger: no no, i am intrigued now
Stranger: you must explain
You: okay, if you go do you will find two brothers that make videos
You: lots of people watch them and there's a little community around it
You: the people who watch them are nerdy and they call themselves nerdfighters
You: "be dododo" is their secret message to identify another one of their own
Stranger: that is awesome
Stranger: i'll have to check them out
You: yes it is! you should

and a few minutes later the connection went away.
Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
A word of advice: "asl" is boring. Please find something more interesting to talk about!
You: have i ever told you what a thrilling conversationalist you are?
You: just marvelous
You: i mean i have known some excellent conversationalists in my day but no one even comes close to you
You: i think its because you're so succinct
You: you really don't waste words do you?
You: that's what i love about you
Stranger: ?
You: you see what i mean?
You: fantastic
I attempted zombie fun, but this was the best I could come up with before deciding that sleep was a better way to spend my time:

Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
A word of advice: "asl" is boring. Please find something more interesting to talk about!
You: Are... are you a zombie?
You: Hello? Is anyone out there? Is anyone... still alive?
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: haha
You: Wait; I feel like waiting to ask a zombie for clarification may be derogatory to my overall health, but just to be sure...
You: Did you mean "yeah" to the first question, or the second?
Stranger: first
You: I have serious doubts about our friendship compatibility after this realization.
You: I'm afraid I'll have to bid you adieu, Godspeed, and happy hunting.
You have disconnected.

On an unrelated note, I have embarked on a new quest, and I dare you all to try. I'm on a mission to have a conversation with a stranger completely backwards. Salutations first, followed by friendly discussion, then awkwardly probing for subjects to talk about, and finally ending in a greeting. Get someone to go along with it perfectly without prompting and I salute you.
Strangely enough, the stranger's answers are very zombie like. Thick headed, super belated. I think you may have found a genuine zombie!
You: Hello!
You: Where?
You: What over there >>>?
Your conversational partner has disconnected
Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
A word of advice: "asl" is boring. Please find something more interesting to talk about!
Stranger: SUCK MY EGGS
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

That's just plain traumatising!


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