CALLING ALL NERDFIGHTERS!!! Post your funny/awesome/weird/creepy conversations that have happened on Omegle here!

I love reading these in nerimon's video comments, so how about a whole forum of them?
Here's one I just did. I happened to get a Spanish person which was awesome cause I know a little....
Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hello
Stranger: que es?
You: Nerimon? Si si?
Stranger: como?
You: Nerimon es una estrella de Youtube tambien es un NERDFIGHTER!
Stranger: ok
Stranger: adonde eres tu?
You: Nueva Zelanda. Y tu?
Stranger: La Argentina
You: Que fantastico! Fui a Peru durante el ano pasado y era AWESOME!! Knock knock
Stranger: que chevere
You: yeah that's all my spanish..... ADIOS!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Not my greatest but I blame that on the slow typing/nerfighterian-ignorant Stranger.

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lol! That is impressive.
I've put a couple of my conversations on nerimon's comments. But I can't remember them exactly.
The last one I had began with the stranger asking me if I was a banana. He got offended when I said I didn't like bananas and cut me off! Nice.
If I go back on I'll copy them for this thread.
Haha that's great!
I just remembered one I saw in comments of Nerimon's latest VEDA. It went something like this:

Stranger: Knock knock
You: Who's there....
Stranger: Disco
You: Disco who?
Stranger: Disconnect
*and then they disconnected*
You: hi
Stranger: Hello
You: Nerdfighter?
Stranger: Not at all, you?
You: Ya!
You: knock, knock!
Stranger: Are the chances high that I would have been?
You: urm
You: knock, knock!
Stranger: what's the "knock, knock" thing about?
You: (psst. You're supposed to say "Who's there?")
Stranger: Ok, lets start this again then .... go on
You: knock, knock,
Stranger: Who's there?
You: disco
Stranger: disco who?
You have disconnected.

I tried it. =]
I came across someone that didn't know what a 'knock knock' joke was. I sat there and explained it to him. Then he said 'thankyou very much.'

And disconnected.

I felt used.
lol that is funny
sorry =D
hehehe rlly?? sumone who didnt know what a knock-knock joke was?? i bet they were joking tho...i wanna try that sumtime. next time sumone mentions sumthing like phones or sumthing im gonna pretend i dont know what phones are!! lol
I just did that. That has got to be the funniest thing I did all day.
That is kinda amazing
This frightened me:

Stranger: got milk?
You: lactose intolerant : (
Stranger: this ain't milk from a cow...


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