So, for around two years I have been a christian, but recently I'm getting more and more inclined to believe that god doesn't exist.
It seems like God was just another explanation for the world made up due to lack of scientific explanations.Science just seems so much more trustworthy.
And, to be honest, I have read things on the internet like and that make me not want to be associated with these types of people in any way.
And if there is a God, why did he create the earth? My father made the very good point that if there was a God why wouldn't he just get rid of all the suffering and people like Mugabe and Bush and make it perfect so there'd be no need for heaven? Why would he create perfectly decent people, knowing they wouldn't believe in him, only to send them to hell?
Also, most christians beleive homosexuals choose to be that way, but that's ridiculous!
When I was an atheist my christian friend told me I might as well believe in God just in case he's real, but you can't force yourself to believe in something!
Also, most of my smarter friends don't believe in God.
The thing is I kind of want to beleive, since I was a lot happier when I did.
Can anyone help me at least come to some form of conclusion?

EDIT: I'm not trying to get someone to tell me what religion to pick (if I was going for that I'd do eenie meenie minne mo), I just want some information to help me believe/not believe. It could be a while before I come to a conclusion, though...

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The thing is I kind of want to beleive, since I was a lot happier when I did.
In my opinion, nothing is more comforting then the truth.

But here's the thing, right now you are either a Christian or an Atheist (or Agnostic), you just aren't sure which yet. If you're a Christian and you watch the two videos i posted, they will probably do nothing for you. If you're an Atheist, then there's a good chance that they'll help you lean towards Atheism. But in the end, no other person can influence your decision, not because it's yours to make, but because you've already made it; you just have to fully realize which way you're leaning.
In the first video, the guy's voice was so annoying I couldn't pay attention to what he was saying.
"'The Purpose Driven Life' is a book written by an imperfect human, it isn't accurate."

Kind of like the Bible then?
"God is God. He works in ways that we can't understand."

is not a valid point actually. Its a tautology, followed by an excuse for why suffering cant be explained by the theist's world model.
Well that was a little harsh. I'm not big on skipping or singing... and I don't think I'm particularly deluded or even that happy, to be honest. But I do believe in God.
It sounds like you've already chosen.
Don't base your religion on how others within the religion act. Not all Christians are homophobic and hateful, and not all atheists are intelligent.
I think you already know what you believe. Religion isn't like a new hairstyle. You can't ask someone to tell you what to think.
//Don't base your religion on how others within the religion act. //

Why not? Do you want to join a religion with a lot of religious killing? Of course not. For now, all major religions in the world has done that (with exception of Buddhism).So why should we pick religion base on the behaviors of those who are in that religion? If the god of a religion couldn't stop its followers from being complete jerks and/or murderers, how good could this god be anyway?

Religion is not like a new hairstyle. Bad hairstyle wouldn't kill you, but bad religions do kill.
Christianity isn't the only religion.

I'd suggest you do more research and study, in all beliefs.
well it seems like you have already chosen. if you feel comfort in atheism then be an atheist. it will only makes sense to you on which to choose. it does not matter what others think. but don't be pressured to go which ever way. you choose. but always remember that some people will accept you and some will not.
My advice?

Don't ask other people to choose your beliefs for you.
I don't want someone to choose my beliefs, I just want some convincing evidence for something.


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