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I've been reading the series A Song of Ice & Fire by George R. R. Martin, and someone told me that it's been a series on HBO for about a year. The thing is, I really love the books and understandably I'm afraid that watching the series will ruin the books for me (not plot wise rather character wise). There have certainly been many terrible book-movie or book-television adaptations and I was wondering if any of you could advise me whether watching the series will ruin the books or conversely be a great asset. There is a third option as well, that the series is simply different (like the BBC's Sherlock) and therefore can be enjoyed as a separate entity.

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I wouldn't say the show has ruined anything for me, but there have certainly been small alterations to my mental images (which is inevitable, really).  Personally, I'm not entirely convinced watching the show has really been a complementary experience.  It's taken so directly from the book that it doesn't add to the story or put a new spin on anything, so you might as well just reread the book.  That said, it's definitely a good show.


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