Come on people! Please? I hate when I see people yelling at people about how they're wrong and what not, it's stupid. In some weird way, we're all right in the end. Looking on it, every religion has a main occuring theme, so why focus on stuff that makes them different? I'm Catholic, and I hate being called a canibal and other insults from people who don't even know what the religion is about. How about we be what Nerd Fighters are supposed to be (excepting and open-minded) and just leave people's faith alone?

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Some of the greatest advances in the world have been as a result of challenging religion. The Renaissance, the Reformation, the rise of natural philosophy and evidence based science, all from people daring to say "the church may say that, but it's wrong, and here's why..."

Nothing is immune from reasonable criticism, almost everything can be improved by debate over its nature.
I think that its definitely good to discuss religion, its a fairly influential institution.
Of course it must stay in the "Debates, Intellectual Discourse, and Current Events" forum.
However, i think a "true" nerdfighter should really be spending most of their time here on the "decreasing world suck" forum here, since the point of nerdfighteria is to decrease world suck, and without that, we are the same as any other forum on the internet.


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