Come on people! Please? I hate when I see people yelling at people about how they're wrong and what not, it's stupid. In some weird way, we're all right in the end. Looking on it, every religion has a main occuring theme, so why focus on stuff that makes them different? I'm Catholic, and I hate being called a canibal and other insults from people who don't even know what the religion is about. How about we be what Nerd Fighters are supposed to be (excepting and open-minded) and just leave people's faith alone?

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I think it's good to discuss religion and be open-minded to what other people believe, because then you learn more about other people and yourself. But you should never hate someone because of it or treat them differently. Religion is definitely not a reason to start wars over.
To answer your question, no, I don't think that religion should be "left alone". People have a right to communicate about their religious views, and argue about them.
I do agree with you on one thing- people shouldn't insult others if they do not understand the religion. However, to me, that does include Christians. Now, I'm not assuming that you are a member of that group, but some Christians are as offensively ignorant of their own scripture. (This is not exclusive to Christians- just an example.)
I don't believe people should leave faith alone on principle. If someone was a comunist, or republican, or a liberal, or white supremicist, or any other non-faith based beleif system, no one would back off. I believe that religion, as a belief system, shouldn't be immune to criticism just because it is people's "Faith".

So I agree and disagree. People should be more well informed before they judge, but that won't stop ignorant people from saying things, so if you are going to be offended, then you don't have to click on the religion threads. It's as simple as that.
Actually, I've found this is pretty much the only place where I can have intelligent, meaningful discussions about faith with people from more than one faith. Obviously, there are still rude and close-minded people who disrupt otherwise peaceful discussions, but it's still a lot better than any other place in the internet, as most of the people here are not only intelligent and thoughtful, but also respectful and willing to stay out of discussions they shouldn't be in.
Yes! Everyone believes that their beliefs are correct, and everyone else is wrong (except for, like, agnostics), and we're not going to be convinced, or convince anyone! Philosophy is one thing, but let's stay away from stuff like God and the nature of the universe and sin. Because that just gets everyone upset.
If you don't like the religious discussions on here, no one is making you click on them.
no, but no one's asking you to be a dick in them either.
Actually, I've had a few people personally ask me to go on a discussion on the ning and be a dick to people. So yeah.
good idea!
You know what I hate? The ad hominem argument, where someone bashes the person and not their reasoning. Examining viewpoints is beneficial for both debaters, but any fool can perpetuate a stereotype. I'll be happy to debate aspects of my religion, but believing something that is offensive to you doesn't make me a bad person. ;D
Let's try to be realistic here. Religion is and needs to be discussed. People are going to discuss it regardless of whether you want them too or not. And I'd argue that it's a good thing. Of course, with discussions on religion, there will always be a high chance that someone will get offended, and I'm not defending the kind of deliberately offensive comments that these kinds of discussions typically attract. However, I'm also not going to defend the hypersensitivity of some folks who want to stifle discussion because they are so easily upset.

Discussions require a thick skin, and a willingness to be self critical. If you can't bring them to the table, then avoid the discussions.
I really enjoy religious conversations, but sometimes they just get too crazy for me. Some people cannot just be civil, so I just check out when I cannot handle their anger.
Religion is a great thing to debate about, but I say let's leave out the harshness and name calling. Personally, I'm an atheist, but I think people have the right to believe whatever they want to believe, and I never leave out the possibility that I am wrong.


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