Good morning, Nerdfighters, it's Friday November 30th.

Nerdfighterianism is the philosophy (of awesome) that binds us together (awesomely). It is, in a real sense, the guiding principle behind all our nerdy actions. Striving for decreasing worldsuck and increasing awesome, embracing nerdiness and the fight against vapidity.

So clearly that includes the ads we put up on our websites.

Now I know what you're thinking, "Max, we don't get to pick our advertisements. We just have to put up whatever they send us, and in return we get money."

And obviously giving money to the ning is a good thing, but we do have a choice. Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade have become renowned not only for not putting up ads they don't like, but specifically only allowing advertisements for things they think are awesome. In fact, this has lead to a serious up-surge in overall advertisement revenue, because PA readers are a lot more likely to click on ads that have been personally vetted by people they respect.

Isn't that *exactly* what Nerdfighteria is all about? [I'm just trying to see how many forms of of the word Nerdfighter I can get in one post.]

And that leads me to the Snorg ads. And before anyone says it: no I'm not arguing for censorship, or that we shouldn't allow "that kind of filth" on the site or anything ridiculous like that.

I'm arguing as a feminist. We as Nerdfighters shouldn't be supporting the continual assault on our intelligence and on women's self-esteem via hypersexualized advertisements. Obviously sex has been and always will be a feature in a lot of media, marketing especially, and I'm not trying to change that. I'm also not trying to suggest that the line between a reasonable reference to sexuality and a degrading reference to hypersexuality is in any way clear, and is probably less a line and more a constantly undulating wave.

But I think we can all agree that a lack of pants for the sake of selling *t-shirts* is not awesome. Especially bad t-shirts.

So Ningmasters and other Nerdfighters, I come before you today, to humbly ask that you would, at the very least, consider what we want our advertisement to be about. You can come back and tell me you don't think it's a big deal -- I'd disagree but being a Nerdfighter is recognizing that differences of opinion are actually a good thing! But do come back and tell me you've thought about it, and maybe that, even if this doesn't violate your standards, you've thought about some for the future -- because one day there will be an add over there on the side that's undeniably adding to worldsuck, and hopefully by then you'll already be prepared to take it down.

Thanks for listening to my rant.
Best wishes,
Maxwell Waters.

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Hey there Maxwell,

I am glad you are posting about a thing that bothers you. It is always a pleasure to hear nerfighters care about the ning and want to make it more awesome.

In all honesty, I have no idea how the ad system works, but make sure I will transfer the message to those who can take care of it and try and make things better.

I will post a comment in this very discussion as soon as I have an answer for you.

Thanks again for posting! It means the world to us.

Ode, Forums Ningmaster

After some time I got an answer for you. 

We are working with Google Ads and we don't have much choice- it's sort of a built in thing. Although I agree with you, today my hands are just as locked as yours. I am terribly sorry we couldn't be more of a help.


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