I've just seen a post on Nerdfighter Secrets asking where all the non 13-14 nerdfighters are, so I thought I'd come and prove we existed!
I'm 20, as is my friend Emma, so that's two already! How old are you? How old is the oldest Nerdfighter you've met?

P.S. Since there are more of us than anticipated, Serenity set us up a group! I can't post the link to it, for reasons unknown, but it's on page 10 if you want to join! :D

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I think it should be open to all who feel they are "older". If a 15 year old feels they are older than the average nerfighter and is looking for a bit of reassurance, I don't think they should be turned away :)
So I am 24, and have not ever had the pleasure of meeting a nerdfighter IRL. Maybe one of these days I will.
I just turned 22 last month, and I know of at least 3 others that attend my same University, but I'm positive there are more here. There are plenty of us around, I think most of us are just somewhat less hyper-social than the younger crowd.
Well i'm 24, and apparently that categorizes me as old.... hmm... But yes, anyhow it's not easy to find someone not-teenager in here
I'll be 20 this December. =)
I'm 21!! We do exist :)
I be 19! Which is not that old, but significantly older than 13-14. :P Oh anddd, I know a few more my age and a few who are 21 or almost 21. haha.
I'm 21.
my name is Ryan McCarthy from MA and I am 21 years old, i like long walks on the beach....jk haha ya where all my oldies at?
re where your odlies be at, some of us are here now =)
every time i click on this link it dose nothing i cant join or see anything??? i see it now.
im 25--or 24,,,hum starting to lose track of my birthdays crap..nice to meet you all =)


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