A good guy disguised as a bad guy pretending to be a good guy pretending to be a double agent pretending to be a double agent.
...I think...

Does anyone else find this a bit confusing...?

What are your thoughts on Snape?
I personally like him, although until the sixth and seventh books I hated him.

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"Turn to page number 394."
XD He angers me sometimes, but all and all I like him.
I liked him until book 7. I HATE that he's good because of Lily. People act like it's sweet, but it's just pathetic and creepy. She's been dead 16 years and he's STILL pining after her? Even though she was married to James for how long? And angry with Snape for how long before that? That is not sweet or cute or anything like that. It is sick, obsessive, and unhealthy.

Before that, he was interesting and mysterious. Ok, actually before that he killed Dumbledore and I swore I would never like him again. Then Dumbledore turned out to be a bit of an ass so I forgave Snape for that but started hating him for his love.
Just because you bold it doesn't make it any better. Everyone has had their heart broken in their lifetime, that doesn't mean they should spend the rest of their life obsessing over lost love. It's not healthy to do that, and it's not healthy to admire it either.

Being in love with someone for over thirty years is not love. It's obsession. It's not heart-breaking, it's pathetic. He needs to get over it. Love is not the be all, end all. There are other things in life, including other loves. Rather than trying to move on, he just held his grudge against James (and by extension, Harry, which also makes him an ass) as if it wasn't at all his own fault. Snape drove Lily away, then idealized her into this perfect woman he could never get over. How can you not hate him for being so weak? Therapy is what he needed. Big time.
I love you so much right now.
. . .
I never thought of it that way...
Those are very good points but I stand my ground, I like Snape in general. Some things he's done and some ways hes acted have been rather unsavory but overall I like him.
I got to say that Chip is right. His background makes him more anti-climactic bad guy instead of the good villain I wanted him to be. He was mysterious because he helped and harried. He was mysterious because he had a hatred for Harry and no one knew why. I think the ending where Dumbledore foresaw EVERYTHING made it more weird and stupid.

Then two months after the book JK Rowling says Dumbledore is gay (which has NOTHING to do with the story).
Then two months after the book JK Rowling says Dumbledore is gay (which has NOTHING to do with the story).

Umm ... someone asked her a question, and she answered honestly.

It's not like she held a press conference, and was all, "Hey guys, just a heads up, Dumbledore is gay."
Actually, the fact that the Dumbledore is gay puts his relationship with Grendelwald in a different perspective. It makes the fact that Dumbledore was willing to hate Muggles and Mugleborns a lot more believable, and it makes the fact that he had to kill Grendelwald a lot more tragic.
Yes I agree.
When I went to the 6th movie it was at the part where Dumbledore's like "Harry you need a shave." And then he goes Rambling about how he sometimes forgets how grown harry is and my friend leans over to me and says, "It's weird because he's gay."
I know! When I saw that I thought "Oh god, no one should've told the movie makers he's gay. Now they're making him all creepy and pedophiley! Damn them!!"
hahaha Yeah, but I will love Dumbledore however he is, although he is rather frustrating at times :/
Actually, Dumbledore being gay explains the dynamic of Dumbledore's friendship with Grindlewald. Because he was in love with Grindlewald, he chose to overlook his shortcomings and malignant nature.


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