I highly doubt that any of you remember me. But Oh well I'd love to make new friends. :)  I've been stalking the forumns on this site for the last few days trying to gather up the courage to post. Due to hard to explain situations I wasn't able to access the internet for about 6ish months. So therefore I'm finally getting back to being a nerdfighter. Although I have moved to another state and i don't know any nerdfighters here, oh well.I'm currently annoyed at my automatic spell check that is telling me that nerdfighters isn't a word.

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Welcome back!!! I have joined recently so I didn't know you before!! I had to add nerdfighter to my spell check!! What state did you move too?
I moved to maine. Where i now live in the woods with my uncle 2 cats, and my puppy named dakota.
awww what kind of dog??
I have always wanted to go to maine!!
He's...don't be scared...a pitbull german shepard mix.
scared??? not all pitbulls are bad!! and it is usualy the owners fault when they are mean!!! german shepards are pretty!!
Exactly but the general response is OMFG "fghbkjrtjikrhtkrjhtkjrhtkljrhltk"<-- insert negativity there. Because of the negativity that is associated with pitbulls.
that is sad!! I usually dont think the same response as the general public.
Hah me neither.
My puppy is epically amazing although he's getting to the habit of wanting to chew on parts of me I need, like really any of them really.
hahahah oh puppies :p
Yes my puppy is made of silly.
Welcome back then :)
Thanks. :)


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