My friends and I do a group costume every year, but this year we're stumped for ideas. Our last group costume we were an at symbol (@), octothorpe (#), asterisk (*), and exclamation point. (The original idea was just that we wanted to be punctuation marks, but then we realized it looked like a censored out swear word, so we used neon felt for our costumes and called ourselves "colorful language." Anyway...)
There are four of us, and the only restrictions we have currently are "no clowns," simply because we don't want to be clowns. Any ideas, anyone?

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tetris pieces, but you've probably already done that.
Ah, no. But my mom and her work friends were going to do that last year, (however, the cardboard boxes they ordered were unfortunately too big) so that feels like taking her idea.
Maybe dress up using themes from some inside jokes you have with your friends? Things that make no sense at all to people who aren't in on it, and you and your friends can have a giggle when you get odd looks from strangers :)
Like if I was going with Zoe, for instance, I'd go as a piece of cheese and she'd go as a piece of rice.
Hope I helped (;
I like it! And we've thought about this, but then when asked, we suddenly couldn't remember any of our inside jokes! We'll figure something out, I suppose.
Be a Legend of the Hidden Temple team, knee pads, helmets, shirts and all!
that's cute =D
HAHAHA I love that.
For some reason I'm mostly thinking of sciencey things.... And it's been years since I was in high school, so fact checking is in order.
Core, mantle, crust, atmosphere; pistil, stamen, petal, stem; red, white, platelet, plasma; introduction, body, conclusion, bibliography; woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings; Larry, Moe, Curly and Shemp. Otherwise.... The Beatles, the four horsemen, four part harmony, Chang & Eng and their wives, The Monkees, Diana Ross & The Supremes, suits of cards.
Oh my god, I want to figure out how to go as Intro, Body, Conclusion and Bib! That would be so AWESOME!
Mr. Miller ((DSA Earth Science)) would be sooooo proud.
Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach.
Bonus points if Bowser is a girl and Peach is a guy.
Favorite pokemon!
Bonus points if they're original 151.
Double super mega awesome bonus points for Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Pikachu.
The Bealtes? The Abbey Road cover maybe if you don't want to all wear moptops.
Arthur, Ford, Trillian and Zaphod? It would be so awesome if you made that work.
Three little pigs and the bid bad wolf? Not too nerdy, but cute.
Cereal box characters? A group of guys did that at my school, sprinkled cereal all over the place and called themselves "the Breakfast Club."


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