Since I joined here a few days ago, I've received some spam-ish comments on my profile. They usually consist of "hi i am interested meet YOU contact me at (email) wait for ugrent replye", with lots of spelling errors. It's really annoying having to delete one of these per day. Does anyone else experience this problem? I would guess I'm not the only one. Would it be possible to implement a spam filter for things like profile comments?

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It's been a while since I personally had the pleasure. It comes in waves I think. Disturbingly I find them quite erotic, just don't fall for it ;)
Everyone has this problem. The Ningmasters do there best to get rid of them but they can only work so fast. Just try to ignore them.

I find them terribly disturbing.  Not as disturbing as Eistein's TMI mind you, but still...  :P


They do seem to come in waves.  There's a report button but if you ignore it they usually clean them up in a day or so.

I got 1 offering me a handjob if I replied and met the person in a pub dinette in England. It's what u get is u r truthful about ur age on the internet. Pedos so I reported
I had one of those and the person claimed to be a girl at a refugee camp in Africa. The person asked for my bank info so I just didn't reply.
I FINALLY got my email from the prince of Nigeria.  I'm certain I was the last person on the planet to get it.  I felt so left out.  Horrible when you're such a nerd you're shunned even by the spammers.  I feel much more included now.  I am awaiting my $20 million.  When it arrives I plan to take all nerdfighters to lunch.
HAHA yeah my person said that they had millions but they couldn't access it unless they had the bank info of an U.S. citizen! I mean what the heck! Who would believe that?
Second last, maybe I`m too low down the food chain, or they have evidence of me forum prowling from inside a refrigerator carton.


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