Hey guys! I'm Linnea. Basically, I have a very, very dear friend who is from Honduras (a country in Central America, in case you didn't know... A lot of people think he's from the Middle East or Africa because they have NO idea where Honduras is). He obviously speaks Spanish, but he's also fluent in English. I have been invited to spend a week with his family this August before classes start again (we're college sophomores), but my Spanish is no where NEAR up to where it should be. I took three years in high school and two semesters in junior high, and he taught me a few things, but I need practice in writing and conversing in the language. Thus, I wanted to ask if there's anyone out here who would be willing to be an e-pal and help me better my grammar and vocabulary and possibly video chat or make YouTube videos back and forth so I can practice AND get to meet new people.

He's already at home for the summer and has minimal internet access, so he can't teach me... What do you think, Nerdfighteria? Anyone out there?

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Non hablo espanol

But bumping this back to the top.  Sorry it wound up lower on the page temporarily. I was just sick of seeing the spam threads getting in the way of / hiding other discussions on the nth page.

*hablo means, speak, doesn't it?

i do know one other phrase I think.  El cepillio de dientes.....does that mean toothbrush?

Thank you so much for the bump!
And correct on both counts for your vocab. :) 

no way, i actually remembered something.  maybe you could teach us spanish, if there are few spanish speakers on here.  if nothing else it would be good practice / revision?

how do you say

"My name is ___. What is your name?"

"What is the time?"

"Where is the bathroom?"

"My Spanish isn't very good. Do you speak English as well?"

Thanks for helping me practice! :) 

My name is ____ ... Me llamo (pronounced yamo) ______. 

What time is it?... (I don't really remember this one, but I believe it is either Que hora es? or Que es el tiempo del dia?)

Where is the bathroom? ... Donde esta el baño (pronounced banyo)?

I don't speak Spanish. Do you speak English? .... No hablo español. Hablas ingles?

Cool. We get to learn.  You get to remember. Nice. 

Pls correct.....and fill the gaps/translate?

Me llamo CD.  Non hablo espanol.  Hablo ingles.  Hora es 06:29 AEST.  El bano esta donde I make caca.  Sorry, that was quite rude.  But I am trying to speak naturally and that is what I do there.  As well as use el cepillio di dientes - to make my teeth clean, of course. I wish to discuss something less awkward now. How about you tell me what you wish to discuss. I am going to run away in embarrassment now.  I am going to attempt this in Italian, which I learned briefly in high school.

Mi chiamo CD. Non parlo espania(?). Parlo inglese. Ore e 6:29AEST. Mia caca andare e gambinetto (grammar unsure?). [using google translate....] Ci dispiace, che era piuttosto scortese. Ma io sto cercando di parlare in modo naturale e questo è quello che faccio lì. Oltre a utilizzare uno spazzolino da denti - a fare i miei denti puliti, naturalmente. Vorrei discutere di qualcosa di meno imbarazzante ora. Che ne dici di dirmi che cosa si vuole discutere. Ho intenzione di scappare in imbarazzo ora. Ho intenzione di tentare questa in italiano, che ho imparato brevemente al liceo.

I cheated.  I couldn't remember anything after the part where I said I was gunna use google translate :P And I probably got "andare" grammar wrong. I remember it means "to go".

lol here is the back-translation of the google part

Sorry, that was rather rude. But I'm trying to speak naturally and this is what I do there. In addition to using a toothbrush - to make my teeth cleaned, of course. I would like to discuss something less embarrassing now. How about telling me what you want to discuss. I plan to run at a loss now. I groped going to this in Italian, which I learned in high school briefly.

I think we need to get a Spanish speaker on here....

Hahahahaha. Yeah, a Spanish speaker would be good. XD But that was rather funny. :)

I don't know that I can translate that... I lost any and all non-basic grammar somewhere a few months ago... I did manage to enroll in a summer class though (Spanish II), which ends a week or two before I leave. Maybe it'll refresh my memory. XD But I still feel like I won't know enough at that point. 

I need to be expanding my vocab, but I don't even know where to start. 

I'm pretty sure you'll be fine.  Although if you want to tell me how to say:

Hello, my name is ___.  I would really like to have a conversation with you in Spanish, but I am still learning how to speak it. Please be patient as my intentions are good, and if I mess something up, please let me know. Thank you for inviting me to your home and your beautiful country.  I am so glad to finally see you.  We are going to have so much fun.

I just checked out a Spanish/English dictionary, two "How to Learn Spanish" books, and the first two Harry Potter books in Spanish. I'll be practicing. :) paragraphs and stuff....

Yeah... I read two paragraphs and have a list of, like 20 vocab words. Most of them I figured out on my own, but I wouldn't just know them out of context. 


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