I, probably among many others, am very excited for season 7. I thought it'd be fun to share our speculations and things we would like to happen. I hear that Jack might be coming back, and I'm psyched for that, but I want to hear what everyone would like to see in season 7. What type of companions do you want to see? Do you want anyone to come back as a full time companion? What enemies do you want to see return? I'm excited to hear everyones thoughts.

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I think we definatley need a new companion/s. Amy has been here for 2 series now, and we need a bit of a change there. For the new companion, I would say we need someone male, as the only permanent male companion we have seen is Rory, and he is only really there because of Amy. So yeah, that gives the doctor/companion relationship something more interesting. Also, maybe someone who is not always so innocent, as that can get annoying. I hope Jack comes back too. Not sure about enemies but they need to bring something back from the classic series I think.

Talking of doctor who in general there have been quite few male companions... Brigadier, Ian, Jamie.. Rory's not the only one

Yeah I know, but that was quite a long time ago now, and I have seen quite a few classic epsidoes and I think having the male companions can be really interesting :)

Don't forger Mickey and Jack.

Mickey and Jack are fairly important male companions from the new series, and Jack has his own show.  I really want Jack to come back :D

I NEED jack to come back.  the master would be lovely too. imagine jack as the companion...

Jack would be good.

I hope Amy/Rory leaving the TARDIS is not depressing and sad as I want them to have a happy ending. It'd be a nice change for a companion to not be emotionally wrecked/ have lost their memory/stuck in a parallel universe. 

I'd also like to see what would happen when Jenny meets eleventh as he is not her 'father' as ten is. Ish....

End of Series 6 was their "leaving the TARDIS" from what I gathered. lolz. BUT than again they have left several times and come back.

I think Moffat said it would be heartbreaking.

I want it to be them leaving so they can go start a new life, but I want them to still be around every once and a while. I dont mean that the actors even have to be used, but a one liner like "i just came back from Amy and Rory's good seeing them again" or something. I just love them to much but that is how I feel about most the companions.

I feel that way about Rose. I'm kinda hoping that all of the new series companions at least get to meet Matt Smith as the Doctor.


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