Starting a global collab channel, need vloggers/anyone awesome.

HEY! I'm Simon Lee from Australia, I already tried starting a collab channel with friends and it fell apart so now i turn to the rest of the interwebs. Are you a youtuber who wants to be part of my little science project of a collab channel? Do you like things? Are you fairly positive and funny? Then i need you for this!!!!!

If you like ShayCarl, HiimRawn, Vlog Brothers, Almost any major youtuber then i would love to chat to you and maybe get this thing off the ground, I NEED YOUR HELP THOUGH!

Basically i need maybe 4-6 people, probably younger, but if you're funny enough i don't really mind how old you are,to come together and post a video one day per week. Everyone can have their one day where they post. I think because it will be made up of people from everywhere we can increase our chances of success.

ALSO!!!! I need name ideas, something cool but not too hipsterish.

THANKS TO ANYONE WHO WANTS IN. My email is so email me if you're interested.

ALSO My channel is

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