For the past two weeks I have been arguing with people over who the character Naruto would end up with. TWO WEEKS. That in turn developed into arguments on who just about anyone would end up with.

Sometimes, I get into arguments with my friend in which we are both arguing the same point only we word it so that it sounds like we disagree. 10 minutes later we realize that we agree. XD

I've also argued with someone over what Drum & Bass is.

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Kittens, a zombie apocalypse would fail even without the kittens.
I once had a really heated debate with a few of my friends over which of us had gotten an injury in the stupidest way.
I was once debating politics with a guy. I mentioned that it's "cool" to hate America, but I'm moving onto the next hipster-political trend and hating China instead. He asked me why China. I pointed out how China have outlawed looking up the word "democracy" on the internet, and this is indicative of what must obviously be a large-scale government crackdown on the free speech of the public.

Take a second to guess what he would come up with to counteract this as one of the evils of western democracy. What evil suppression of the people do western governments perpetrate that would be as evil as anything China does?

Now I'm going to bet all the money I have that you didn't just say "outlawing gay incest"

that is what he came up with, without a second's pause, as being the sickening betrayl of human rights that the heirarchy afflicts. And he wasn't kidding either, he got freaking vitriolic in how grown men should be allowed to fuck their brothers.

I haven't seen the guy since, but I'm bringing that up the very next time I do, to as wide a crowd as possible.
On the one hand, Gay incest can't lead to pregnancy, taking away any rational basis for keeping it illegal (because, as it is now, the only thing against it is social stigma). On the other hand, I doubt it's legal in China either.
i once got into a debate with 5 friends over whether or not a car was blue, or dark purple... it took us around three days to finally get over to my place and use GIMP to match the color levels on the picture and show if there was a red content above the blue\purple level threshold... and after all that, it was purple. i still argue blue. three wasted days...
I once had an argument with a friend about what cheese is made of. He thought it was made entirely of mold. I spent a good 5 minutes trying to convince him otherwise. I didn't succeed.
my mom constantly argues with me about wether or not to put chocolate in the freezer. She still hasn't fully explained why she WANTS the chocolate in the freezer anyway.
yeah, my mom does the same thing!
like i'd understand if it were a banana peel or something that can go rotten, but seriously, a tissue is not going to do anything to the garbage can, so just leave it!
yeah. My mom will borrow my clothes and then keep them (even though they don't fit properly)! when i borrow them back she get's all indignant and says "well I payed for them, so they're mine!" even if I bought them myself. Jesus, she must think i'm a moron or something!
Different consistency, not quite the same taste.
I had an argument with my friends of ways of killing people. Someone started off saying "I could kill you with this ruler",
so then someone said, "I could kill you with a book". "How would you do that?"
"Well, if it's a big book you could beat him up until he dies or you could hit him in the neck, so that there's no connection with his spine and brain"
So we carried on looking for things to kill people with, and then someone else asked
"Now, what's the most original way of killing someone with a gun and a bullet?"
and, I can't remember what the rest of my friends said, but one said
"You put the bullet on a table or wherever and you smack his head against it hahahah"
And that was winner way.

We're not usually this violent.
Me: Up until just a few years ago, my eyebrows still hadn't grown in right. They were just pale and wispy and useless.
Friend: Hang on. Could you still use them to look surprised?
Me: ...Yes...
Friend: Could you still use them to glare at people?
Me: Yes...
Friend: Could you still cock one and look skeptical?
Me: Yes...
Friend: Then they were hardly useless, were they.


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