Okay, so I have really bad anxiety to the point that stress makes me seriously physically ill (to the point that it gives me migraines, makes it hurt to breathe, and various other things that are generally un-awesome).  Sometimes I really just wish the whole rest of the world had an off switch, and that I could just make all the chaos stop, even just for a few minutes. Clearly, that's not a legitimate option.

Sometimes writing helps, but sometimes it just makes me think more about what's stressing me out in the first place. Sometimes reading or watching movies or those kinds of things help, but have the same drawbacks. Live music is the best stress reliever for me, but it's not exactly readily available all the time.

So, what do you guys do to knock stress down with a super-powerful punch to the face? Suggestions would be really helpful. :)

Oh and I dunno if anyone would consider saying this or not, but please don't suggest pot. I have legitimate reasons for not doing it, so please don't even bother bringing it up. :P

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Other than going to a quiet place and turning off the lights and just sleeping when the stress gets really bad, I don't really know what to do that doesn't involve medication.
If you're getting anxiety so badly that it's hurting that much, though, the main thing I would think would be to go to a doctor, because it doesn't sound healthy. A doctor would probably know more about what to do if the anxiety is that bad.
yeah my stress really isn't that bad at all, but one of my doctors offered to perscribe me some sort of prozac-related med that helps with anxiety and allows you to function more normally. and my anxiety isn't really even severe at all. So it would be completely ok and good to try something like that. it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you or anything its just something that may help. I'm considering it if it starts becomming too much more of a problem. It may be something you want to consider. just food for thought.
honestly, i'm really horrible at stress management. My main source of stress is schoolwork, and my way of dealing with that is by ignoring it and putting it off, as if it would go away if i just pretended it didn't exist ha ha. ultimately, this just causes more stress and it just builds on itself until i simply can't function. Sometimes I find running to be a good stress reliever, even though it never actually helps motivate me to finish the work. So thats more like temporary stress relief i guess. this is going to sound really weird but one other thing i do just out of habit i guess that sometimes cheers me up and stuff is dressing up in weird outfits. like men's work shirts and ties and goofy hats and glasses and stuff like that. thats just me. But like i said, none of this works really well for me because i just end up pushing the source of it (work) aside to be even more stressful later on when i actually go to do it. so if anyone has any good solutions let me know lol
Oh and the other thing i do that is really more like procrastination but whatever it helps, is playing the piano! when i'm super stressed I just sit down and I could play for hours. I just go and go and go until I have nothing else to play then I start over and play everything again. Its very therapudic (spelling?). it does just make it worse in the end because of all the time i've wasted, but it certainly calms me down enough to deal with it most of the time. as does typing. maybe its because i'm doing something with my hands idk.
OK I know of a few ways to get rid of stress and they all work for me, because working on two majors at once, while working and getting stuff ready for law school is a bit stressful, so here's the list.

exercise (running, weight lifting, swimming, boxing, karate) <-my favorites
playing video games
going out and having a good time
getting the work done! :P
o ya

try'em out its all good
Hope you are able to overcome.
Most of my strategies are just various ways of procrastinating, which always comes back to bite you in the ass.

-Long hot shower. This is my favorite. You'll still end up thinking about whatever's stressing you, but I don't know, I just like thinking but not being able to work on it. I always hate that feeling of "I /could/ be doing this and this, but I'm not" so this is sort of my solution.
-Hide in a small dark place, curl up, and sleep.
-Funny tv shows or movies. Nothing too deep. Keep it light hearted.
-Deal with a small, simple part of the problem. I'm thinking of when you have a giant pile of homework, do one assignment that's easy and quick. It always gives me a sense of accomplishment, which can either be good for motivating you to do more, or bad by making you think you're done and return to procrastinating.
-Cry. Sometimes it's nice to just hide away and cry.
-Go somewhere else. Anywhere. Just get in the car and drive, or if you can't drive yet, walk. Literally run away from the problem (well, not literally, since I hate running, but close enough).

And if your stress is really that intense, maybe talk to a parent or sibling? Trusted teacher? Ask for help. I'm horrible at asking for help, and yet whenever I break down and do it, I always feel better.
Join a fencing team.
No really. Nothing kills stress like running around stabbing people and getting points for doing so.

Or if sports really aren't your thing, deface yearbooks Stalin-style. Take a soldering iron or sharp object and cut the faces of people that you hate out of your yearbook and burn them. The second-best stress releaser is definitely burning photos, names, or references to people you hate. If you're good at art and photoshop, scan pages of your yearbook or other book that references a should-be unperson into your computer and edit them out of history! Bahahahahaaaaaa.
It's really fun. REALLY. FUN.
I had to comment on this because I'M EXCITED THAT YOU FENCE. I did it in high school, but my college's fencing club/team meets at like 11 at night and I'm a commuter so it doesn't really work out. Also, this made me laugh. Thanks! :)
Exercise always helps me. It's doesn't have to be super hard exercise either. Just a jog or brisk walk.
Listening to some kick-ass music is good too.
Learn how to meditate. It helps quite alot if you focus on your breathing while meditating.
I go to the shooting range when I'm really stressed. Shooting paper people can be suprisingly relaxing
You know I've asked my mother that same question and she always tells me to have 2 margarita's. Personally I use Tai Chi meditation, it's works very well for me. :-)


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