I want to go to Summer In The City this August (it is August isn't it?), but can't find any information, anywhere! I heard about it from A LukeIsNotSexy video a few minutes ago, and really want to go, but I can't find dates, times, place etc. Are any of you going, and do you know where I can find more information?

I've tried Google, Youtube, here, everything I can think of that Youtubers might put information :/


Thanks! Dftba

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What is it? I googled and ended up here again ;P
A huge Youtube gathering in London.  There's a Facebook event about it (I can't seem to make the link work); LukeIsNotSexy, Charlieissocoollike etc etc etc will all be going, and hopefully I will too.
Wow!! That seems awesome! Have fun ;)
same here no thing to report though:(

here is the facebook event. has time and date

hope it helps

It's a youtube gathering in London on the 12th August at 1pm to the 14th August 6pm. It's really fun and any British youtuber who's anyone goes there. ¦:¬) I'm going because I want to meet some of my idols!
i want to go but its hard to get permission when your thirteen and live a hundred miles from the city
Do you know the location where every one meets or what people will be doing? I have never been before and i want to go. I just dont know any thing about it.

aww that sucks. I've just turned 14 but I am blessed with the fact I look quite a bit older. Do you have any friends who want to go who have cool parents? My parents would never let me go alone but my friend and her Mum go to London all the time and they are taking me. Her mum goes to museums whilst we go to the park.

Oh yeah, and I also live about 200 miles from London. (Nearly forgot to add that.)

I am desperate to go to SitC, but I am in need of someone to come down with me, just because I sort of need someone I know for me to be comfortable in a group, If I don't have that I am so shy it is unreal. and I think I will be coming down on the Saturday instead of Friday so that would be a little awkward (for me) if I was on my own.

Also while I don't mind traveling on my own, going from Leeds all the way to London on my own might get a little boring.

I really want to go to this, and with any luck meet some nerdfighters down there! Message me if you're planning on going, it would be really good to know some people when I get there :D

I really really want to go, not sure what days though, if I go from Friday-Sunday I will be getting there between 2.30-3pm or might just do sat-sunday.

I was trying to get a friend to come down with me but so far nobody has been up for it.


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