Hey fellow nerdfighters :), i have another discussion called Book Recomendations but its on the second page, so i got a little worried that no one would see it there. So im adding this one . I like Greek Mythology, Action, Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, Murder and Comedy. I was wondering if any of you have any book suggestions for me?

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All the Kings Men, it is none of those things which is why you should read it.
I just finnished reading Doctor Whom by A.R.R.R. Roberts, I absolutely loved it.
Very funny, in my opinion...I'll copy out a bit from the book just so you can see how awesome it is and how you must read it....
'Don't get me wrong. I love him like my brother. Or, perhaps like a brother. Well,' he said, rubbing his chin in the search for exact verbal precision, 'not a brother perhaps. But I certainly love him like a brother-in-law. Or, to be more precise, I love him like he was my brother's lawyer. Our my lawyer's brother. Who is also a lawyer, and not a very nice one.'
'You hate him.'

The chapters are also in the wrong order (deliberatly (spelling?)) which is very interesting...the whole plot is interesting!
The cover in itself is quite funny. On the back it says;
'A.R.R.R. Roberts actually used to be a Doctor you know. But now he's gone all hoity-toity and become a Professor. That's right, being a Doctor wasn't good enough for old A.R.R.R. 250,000 million pounds a year and all the elastic support bandages you can use and Doctor Robert's wanted more. It makes me sick. The National Health Ser...Doctor of the Arts you say?
Ah. I'll shut up.'

It's quite short so you could read it in a day - it may just be me (I get bowled over easy xD) but this book is brilliant :)
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is pretty epic


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