So there is a SuperNote Competition going on right now support team nerd every SuperNote counts were in 9th place right now. DFTBA

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come on nerds!! theres almost 50,000 members here on nerdfighters and so far we only have 131 supernotes! Its fun to get involved so go supernote! :) YAY!
Yeah I've noticed a lot of Nerdfighters are going over to team beard. I love Weezywaiter, but how can you not be faithful to the Vlogbrothers?
Yeah, I decided to join Team Beard because I thought it'd be the underdog and Team Nerd wouldn't need any help. I'm really surprised at how low it is in the ranking.
i'd love to do this, but i have a horrible toothache and can hardly open my mouth :( when does it end?
Last day of October :)
Awesome! I'll definitely be better by then :D
I haven't decided, but John and Hank don't seem to care too much about this, and Wheezy really did. I'm thinking about joining team beard because he's put so much into this!
both the CTFXC and Rebellionites are serious about it too...
same feelings here, I'm making my supernote this weekend and can't decide between vlogbrothers and wheezy. If Hank and John don't say anything more about it, I'll definitely be team Beard; besides, Wheezy's a nerdfighter isn't he?
I just wish I had a webcam!! :[ My loyalties are fully Team Nerd. Best Wishes in the competition!!
it's filmed and i'm editing, should be up tomorrow/monday :D
Team Beard might have Beards.... But team Nerd.... we have Awesome on our side! LETS GO TEAM NERD!


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