I was wondering, how many of you nerdfighters have tattoos? I'm planning on getting one soon. (: I'd like to see some of yours! So, show those tats!

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Oh, tattoos. I love you so.


I have just one tattoo but two in the planning: a half sleeve of a stained glass owl and leopard spots behind my ear. Holla!

My tattoos are pretty nerdtastic: I have a semicolon on my right wrist and an ampersand on my left. The font is Elephant, if you want to see how pretty the ampersand is.


I had planned to get an interrobang, but my brother really wanted to get one himself and didn't want us to have matching tattoos. I love the ampersand too, however, so I'm alright with it.

I have one and I think it's awesome!! Though I must admit I don't recommend getting one right when you turn 18 like I did.... sure it's cool and trendy but you'll probably end up regretting it...

I have one tattoo and I want to get more.

I couldnt get all of it in with my eyesight sorry.




I want one soon on the inside of my left ankle and going around my ankle bone to my foot that says "LIBERATION" in big block letters. It represents being free from cutting, because I used to do that on my ankles, but I don't anymore and it's awesome(: I'm super excited(:

I have wanted a tattoo for ages, but I've never had the money to invest in one. Or I've never felt like I've had the money to invest in one. I can't say for sure since I've never actually talked to a tattoo artist about getting one done and had them give me an idea of the cost.  But if I ever do have the money for it, I intend to get celtic knotwork I designed myself circling my wrist so it looks like a bracelet.  I have a couple different ideas for my knotwork bracelet, but the one I'm leaning toward has gaps, in which I would have what would basically be tattooed on charms. At first I would just have the bracelet, and then as significant things happened in my life I would add charm tattoos to commemorate those things.


And, on the subject of nerdy tattoos I have a friend who has one of the most brilliant tattoos I've ever seen in real life. It's one of the squids from old school Mario games, and it's tattooed on and around his elbow so that when he bends his arm the squid looks like it's squishing up and down the way they do in the game.

I'll bet your friend's tattoo hurt like a b. Your tattoo sounds amazing! I've never thought of that, you totally should!!!

I cannot comment on how much/whether my friend's tattoo was painful since I never really thought to ask. All I know is it looks really cool.


And thank you, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks my tattoo idea is cool ^_^

I got my first tattoo over the summer. (:

It was a week before the last harry potter movie came out. I decided to get the Deathly Hallows symbol with "all was well" written underneath it. I got it on my foot and everyone says it hurts the most there....but I was fine. I can't wait to get more-I'm so glad my first one was a Harry Potter one.

I don’t have tattoo but I love to get a tattoo of Celtic cross on my shoulder.


Moms tattoo ink



This is the tattoo that I got myself for christmas. I have a few others but this is the biggest.


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