So, for those Nerdfighters living outside of America, there has recently been a spate of news stories about teachers who have been reported as cyber bullying. I, being a student myself, am skeptical of how serious the news is making these things out to be. I think we all remember being mean to teachers (especially substitute teachers), but, apparently, since the internet has allowed for new forms of bullying, kids have turned to "cyberbaiting", in which the call teachers names until they cry, catch the video, and post it on the internet. Now, it's not that I don't believe this has happened, but the news seems to make it out to be on a much larger scale than it ever is. I have not remembered a single class of mine in which a teacher has been insulted to their face (behind their back is a different story), and I have trouble believing all these students would risk suspension or even expulsion for a simple video of a teacher crying. But what do you guys think? Are the examples of teachers being bullied just a few isolated incidents, or is it a growing problem within American school districts?

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It's probably a thing. 

Homo lupus homini. 

I mean, I've never heard of it, and as an actual student, it seems like something people would have heard of. 

Also, your Latin phrase is missing a verb. It should be "Homo est lupus homini".

There was a thing where a teacher lost a job when students were having a competition to go out with here. 

Actually I messed up, but the phrase is usually rendered without the verb as homo homini lupus. 

That's not really the type of bullying I'm talking about, though. That's kids being stupid. It's the kind of thing this article is talking about. 

And I realize that. It just doesn't make sense without a verb.

This is an example of such a thing happening at a university level.

I don't think there's more now that students have access to the internet. It's just getting more attention. Students have always harassed teachers. The teacher has to do something about it when it happens. The bus monitor who was bullied by the students on the bus was wrong, I think. She was put on that bus because the students had behavior issues. She tried to control herself and not yell at them, but the reason she was on the bus with them was so that she could discipline them and not let them bully each other or the bus driver. She didn't do her job by not stopping them. Also, it is widely known around my school that one of our teachers used to work for playboy. She is old for a teacher, and very mean to freshmen and sophomores. One year, for a senior prank, a group of students broke into her classroom and covered the walls with pictures of her from playboy. She ran out of the school, crying. Since then, she has stopped teaching seniors. The other day, one student stood outside of a classroom and told my teacher to suck his dick, quietly enough that he thought she wouldn't hear. another teacher told her, and he got in trouble, he had detention during the finals and took them after everyone else, with the principal, and he is suspended for the first few days of school next year. Students have always been mean to teachers, but now people have something to blame it on other than kids being mean people.

It's not a growing problem, at best it's a trend. It would be a growing problem if people responded to those videos positively but the old lady got a  lot of dough for that so any smart kid wouldn't bother someone they hate if that person might get tons of money.


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