Hey! Thank you to the six other vloggers who are joining me! For those of you who came here in hopes of joining this vlog, we are full I am sorry... BUT we start on Jan. 1st, 2012 and our vlog name is MadeofMuggleblood. Feel free to watch!

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Hi Sherene! I'm interested in doing a collab channel,

Name: Rachel

Age: 15

About me: I love to read, listen to music, and sometimes I like to write. There are days where I will randomly fly places just because. lol.

Channel Ideas: I have no idea, because so many usernames are already taken. :(

I'm interested in joining!! I'm Ra, I'm 16 and I play trombone too! As well as a couple of other things too.

Channel ideas: I was thinking maybe a type of game (not really game, but I can't think of a better word!) where we make rules up as we go along. And I was hoping for a year long project...!

Hey! I'd be totally interested in this! ...Despite the obvious awkward that comes about from two people with basically the same name being involved in a project. The joys of common names... -_-

Name: Rachael, with an 'A.'

Age: 16

About Me: I like reading all types of books, writing fiction that I never show to anyone, listening to music, singing classical music (and pretending to sing other types of music), playing piano (badly), drawing (equally badly), learning new languages, traveling the world, Doctor Who, Harry Potter... and a lot of other things. I also have a video camera, which is exciting and could lead to much vlogginess.

Any channel ideas?: Not many, at the moment, but I'm generally good at ideas, so I'll try... (BRAINSTORM ALERT!) Theme weeks are fun, but some people may feel limited by them. Maybe, instead, each person gives the next person a word/phrase they MUST say or something they MUST mention in their next vlog? That's only a little idea, of course. As for the bigger picture, I have no idea... I like the idea about a game. Maybe (I'm sensing a theme here), the person making the vlog could give the next person an action they must perform at some point in their daily lives, which they have to document on camera. Kind of like "truth or dare," but just with dares.

Like I said, though, that could be a bit limiting... maybe it could include an element of a game, but also allow for just general talk?

Year long sounds nice, too.

i would be interested, and my cousin David might be as well as we were thinking of starting a collab together. anyway..

Name: Tom Wood


About me: most of my non school time is spent playing in various bands, i play guitar, ukulele, piano and cornet, and am in a rock band, a wind band, a jazz band,a brass band, a ukulele band a small group that i play the ukulele in, and am about to start a ukulele band for my school.i also make other youtube videos on my own channel, and have a canon 550d camera. so yay.

Ideas for the channel: theme weeks sounds good, as long s the themes are always interesting and then deviation from the theme could be allowed. also i really like the dare idea!

Sending all of you guys messages and yes I would like it to be year round. I have two others who might do it so so far that is six of us.

and with my cousin that would make 7 (if he joined)

also, maybe we should try and start in the first week of january?

I think that's a good idea- and can I be Monday???

Sounds alright with me. Fridays are best for me, and Mondays and Wednesdays aren't so good.

Tuesdays are the best days for me :)

thursday for me

or Sundays.


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