Hey Nerdfighteria!

I am obsessed with television. As in I am planning out my college classes according to what show is on each night obsessed. I have a Tumblr (hopelessly-nerdy if you are so inclined) and I have a solo blog that I don't really update that often, both of which focus on my love of all things fandom. But today, I'm looking for a few awesome people to create a television review/critic's corner collab blog. Basically, each person would choose one show to blog about weekly. When that show airs, they would be responsible for writing a review/recap of the episodes, and on hiatus' (hiati? I never took Latin) they might do posts about character studies or parallels to other shows or whatever. Sometimes we could do collab posts about crossing fandoms, or movies we have all seen or something. I think it would be really fun (as I love critiquing stuff and digging deeper) and I hope that some awesome nerdfighters would be willing to help me out!

My main/favorite television shows include Doctor Who, Fringe, Game of Thrones, Once Upon A Time, and Sherlock. I would be blogging about Castle, which has become a recent love of mine. I am certainly open to suggestions, just feel free to post below!

dftba (:

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