Who here reads Terry Pratchett, and whats your favorite book by him?

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Terry Pratchett very much defined my time at school and thus my puberty.
I discovered his discworld novels in my mothers bookcase (she's also a big fan - though mostly of the older novels) in a time when I needed books to protect me from the rest of the world and instantly fell in love. By now I think I read just about everything he wrote (excluding most of the background info for the discworld, since I'm not a fan of thinks like this.. feels more like franchise somehow). And I even played the three point and clicka dventures. xD
I don't really have an all time favorite (everything and everyone is just so awesome, it's leaking right out of every single book) but at the moment it's Nightwatch and Good Omens. Should I get the opportunity to ever meet him in person, I will try to get my well-thumbed copys signed.

Actually at the moment I'm rereading The Fifth Elefanth, the only discworld novel I didn't like when I first read it. But I think it was because that was the book that made me realize his change in style from how I got to know him (Sourcery, Mort, Wyrd Sisters - in that exact order) and how he writes now (Monstrous Regiment, Nightwatch, Going Postal, ...). And when I'm fixated on something I don't like change - at least at first. Now I love that new, sterner style just as much as the old whacky one.
ive read all but the spin offs and i like captain vimes the most so i say Guards!, Guards! and Night Watch are the best
Love him so much. Discworld is incredible. Managed to get it so I am writing a 4,000 word essay as part of my grade on the personification of Death by Terry Pratchett, so reading up A LOT on his work.
I read Guards! Guards! for a pop lit class I took a couple years ago and loved it. Any suggestions on one of his books to read next?
Read all the books about the Watch. They're the best. In order they're:

Guards! Guards!
Men at Arms
Feet of Clay
The Fifth Elephant
Night Watch

They're all great. Guards! Guards! and The Fifth Elephant are my favorites. Men at Arms is a bit anvilicous, but still good.
I'm reading Good Omens right now from Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman it's my first one I have read from him. After i finnish it which of his other ones should i read first?
I read most of the Discworld books when I was in 7th grade, so all of them are just a vague blur. There was one book about a girl who tried to join the watch-or something (the cover had a soldier body with female legs). Anyone remember the title? However, I'm currently reading "Making Money" but having a difficult time after being away from the series for so long.

I really like "The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents" even though it's not a Discworld novel, and it's geared toward younger readers.
Do you mean Monstrous Regiment, where a girl in a neighboring country dresses up as a boy to join the army? I thought that one was funny too.
I haven't read much Terry Pratchett yet. Just Nation and Amazing Maurice and the Tiffany Aching books. Loved them all.
My favorites are his books about the Watch. Night Watch in particular. I think Vimes is awesome.
I loved "The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents" and also "A Hat Full Of Sky". "Dangerous Beans" as a name cracks me up xD
I'm probably going to start reading "Nation" soon. What are your opinions on it if you've read it?! Is it a good read?
Nation is definitely seperate from Discworld novels. It was a lot more serious than his average book, but it was still I nice read.


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