Who here reads Terry Pratchett, and whats your favorite book by him?

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Guards! Guards! is my favorite. Carrot's fucking awesome. I love all the books about the Watch. Mort was great too.
What, no love for Granny Weatherwax? She and Vimes are the best main characters. I would vote for Vetinari, if he were real.
Reaper man is easily my favourite. I love the portrayal of Death, and Death of Rats is kinda cute in the hogfather movie....

Almost impossible to choose! Love so many of them... I'd probably have to say (and trying to be sort-of equal with distributing my favourites between the different series)...

- Night Watch (and, to be honest, EVERY Vimes-centred book)

- Fifth Elephant (gets a mention for the sake of Carrot and Angua, who barely featured in NW)

- Reaper Man (Death, Reg Shoe... everyone. Touching, hilarious, amazing)

- Thief of Time (Lu Tze. Just... Lu Tze)

- Lords and Ladies (Magrat with an axe, Granny vs. the Queen... hello? Obviously going to be amazing)

- Small Gods (theology, it's fabulous :D Some bits were scary, though O_o And sad for their basis in fact. Other parts, so very funny...)

OK, I'll stop myself there. But there are quite a few others. *sigh*

Oh my, there's just so many to choose from. Damn you Pratchett and your complete and utter awesomeness! If I had to pick a few I guess I'd have to go with all the books about the night watch, small gods (if only because it was the one that introduced me to the Discworld series) and, last but definitely not least, Good Omens.


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