So we all know what Tetris is, and I'm sure some of you, like myself, have discovered Tetris Battle on facebook.

Now this game is pretty awesome, do not get me wrong. But I seem to have become rather addicted to it, and find myself playing all the time.

My friend and I both used to play, but he stopped a while ago. When I asked about it, he said that he stopped because whatever he did ,there was always a little Tetris board, playing itself, in the back of this mind.

I found this response incredibly frightening, because just five minutes earlier I had asked my sister if the exact same thing my friend described happens to her, because whatever I do, there is still the board playing, in my mind's eye. My sister responded by saying that no, this phenomena did not occur to her, but whenever she read a book, her mind would fit the different Tetris Blocks into the gaps in the letters.

My question is, does anything like this happen to you guys, my fellow players? Or are we three just a little bit crazy?

And also, just for some conspiracy lulz, do you think the creators of Tetris battle might be inserting subliminal messages into the game and brainwashing us all? Because the thought has crossed my mind. I mean, I did well in exams, but I did not study one bit. Tetris provided a much better time consumer, and I simply could not draw myself away from it!

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Oh my gosh, countless times in math class I would play tetris in my head. What scared me is that I would almost lose sometimes.
Haha, wow. It is just so addicting. I have played so many times today. I'm waiting for my energy to renew...
AHHHHH. There's this site called tetris friends and the same thing is happening to me!!!! I'm always fitting those damn blocks together in my head.
Yep. There's a similar puzzle on another site where you have to fit shapes of five blocks (instead of the Tetris four) into a particularly shaped patch. I play that in my head, too. v.v
It first happened to me when I was a kid, first with finding myself playing tetris with books, then playing tetris in my head. I don't know why, but it just kind of happens. Most tetris junkies I've talked to are the same way.


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