Texas is a big state alot of nerdfighters are teen so they dont entirely control were they can go, there parents do. I want one In SanAntonio im a place tht wount be crazy hard to get to! Were do u want it?! We gotta do this!

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I think that's a great idea! San Antonio would be a great place to have it for a number of reasons, if everyone else is cool with it, but here are a couple of other thoughts:

* I think the site we choose should be as central as possible in order to be fair to everyone. Your point about the difficulty of teens traveling is a very good one.
* The geographic center of the state is just east of San Angelo, which is a surprisingly nice town for its size.
* However, since the population of the state is much more weighted toward the east, it seems logical to choose a site a bit further east (even though I live in the west!). Also, it would be nice to stay on or near an interstate highway for ease of travel and to go someplace fairly large so there's plenty to do.
* The nearest cities to the center that fit the above criteria would be either Waco (probably the more central of the two and pretty nice, but smallish) or Austin (big and uber-cool, but definitely skewed to the south and east of center).
* Of the two, I would suggest Austin for all the reasons outlined above, and because it turns out to be really pretty central when you consider where the major population centers are. For example, it's only, like, an hour and a half from San Antonio, so that shouldn't be too horribly difficult.

Having said all of that, I can pretty well go wherever I want to go so I'm open to whatever the rest of the community decides. Timing is a much bigger factor for me because of my work. If we can work out a time when I can get away, I'll definitely be there. I'm also happy to help with organization, etc. Just let me know!
San Antonio and Austin happen to be a nice 6ish hour drive (depending on how much you like to pay attention to speed limits) from the Dallas area. Maybe we could have two Texas Nerdfighter Extravaganzas? Better! We could have 3! One nearish Dallas, one nearish San Antonio/ Austin, and then a third where all the Texas Nerdfighters get over the fact that it's a long drive and meet up in some fantastically awesome place.

the end.
Actually San Antonio is a 4.5 hour drive for me, Austin is close to 6.5, and the Dallas area is anywhere from 6 to 7.5, depending on exactly where I'm going, so I can relate. The problem is that... you're absolutely right... no matter where you go, it's going to be far for someone. (And for people like me who live in the middle of nothing, everything of any size is going to be far. Even El Paso is a good 4 hours for me, maybe a little more. But in a state like this, some people have to be willing and able to travel... and I am, though I totally understand why others can't... or we won't be able to do anything at all.)

So maybe regional events would be the best thing to do. It's a great idea, at the very least. Any other opinions?
I vote for Austin or Houston. Mostly Austin if this happens during the Fall semester since that's where I'll be.
Austin wouldn't be bad. And Melissa Anneli, pottercast, and some wizard rock will be in Austin June 30th so many HP nerdfighters might also want to go to that. That could be a good starting point.
I like the idea of having the gathering correlate with the live PotterCast and if anyone is curious they are also do a live podcast/Wrock concert in Houston on the 29 of June(a Monday).
I would vote for Houston. Only because that is where I am from. But San Antonio is good for me for a summer meet up.
Well, I'm a proponent of a huge Texas gathering and that will take some work from everyone. Austin is also a fairly good idea because LOTS of people go to UT, and there's a fairly high probability that you will know someone you can stay with for free (which is always handy)

BUT I also like the idea of maybe 2 or 3 smaller, local gatherings. I mean, Austin is close enough for a lot of people, but there have to be enough of us in the DFW area to have a small gathering of our own. That is not to say that the "local" gathering aren't open to everyone, just that we have a few smaller ones so that people who can't (or can't afford to) travel to a bigger one can have some fun too.
I think Austin would be fantastic. It's a wonderful place!
I vote for a Dallas gathering. I could go to Houston or Austin if I could talk someone into driving me there. but idk. I love the idea of a Texas gathering though. I really think we should have one.
I live on surfside beach, so its a long drive to pretty much anywhere XD
I see no one on the first page has suggested Galveston?
Theres not a terrible lot to do, but almost everyone knows how to get there,
not to mention that traffic and otherthings wouldnt be a problem,
plus it usually has fair weather this time of year,

Regardless san antonio sounds fun, i need to get a camera :D
Okay so anyone who wants one in Dallas come join this group


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