I got this idea from the doctor who nerdfighters and I thought it'd be fun with harry potter.

Its a game where you have to write a word that starts with the letter that you have gotten to.

ex. Letter H Category Animals = Horse

This time the games gonna be a bit harder because you have to write a word that has something to do with Harry Potter.

I'll start.

Letter A = Albus

Now it's you guys turn to write one with rest of the letters, when we hit z we start from the beginning (A)

Good Luck!

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B - Bellatrix.
Letter C

Cupboard Under the Stairs
D - Dementors
E — Erised
(The mirror)
[Might of spelled wrong]
It's "desire" backwards. You got it right.
WOAH ! I <3 Harry Potter and nerdiness and such but I NEVER knew that the Mirror of Erised was desire spelt backwards!! Mind.Blown. :D
Go back and read the inscription on the Mirror backwards.
the whole thing backwards (and correctly spaced) is "i show not your face but your heart's desire"
aahhhh that's so great! i read this and i just sprinted upstairs to get my copy of the book, i'm way to excited over this piece of information.
FRENCH THE LLAMA!!! *rushes to look at it * THAT IS SO TOTALLY AWESOME!! made my day

what?! that is awesome! *goes to watch hp1 again*

F- Filch


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