Today I was going back through old vlogbrothers videos, and I found the video entitled 'GAY is NOT an INSULT.'



I enjoyed it (because it's JOHN), but I was wondering how others reacted to it, so I watched some video responses.

And I found one that made me throw up in my mouth a little.


Obviously, there's no debate about it. It's a horrible video, showcasing horrible people. But I was wondering who that yelling, faceless guy is, so I looked around, and I found out. (I won't mention his youtube username here, because I don't want it to seem like I'm trying to get everyone to go troll all over his account.)


He, obviously, hates nerdfighters. Because we're a 'cult'. But in this video, he did bring up an interesting point or two. And while I, personally, disagree with them, I was wondering what my fellow cult members think of it XD


*NOTE: I'm not encouraging you to go and insult him, or yell at him, or flame his videos. I just want your opinions. He replies to every comment, as far as I've seen, so if you do end up commenting, be prepared for a whole battle in which he says the same thing over and over.

And he does mention nerdfighters in most of his videos, if for whatever reason you want to fully understand his perspective.


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Pfft, who needs higher education? Boring cars are always an acceptable trade.

I agree. I cannot imagine living a life that is seemingly so devoid of...substance, for lack of a better word
A Buick LaCrosse??? Well fuck now thats liven the high life.
what a douche. makes me wanna upload the name granfury440 to 4chan and annonymous.../b/
I commented, because I couldn't help it. I'm sure someone will reply attacking me. I probably won't reply, not because I'm afraid of debate, because honestly, I have better things to do.
I hope these guys are trolls, but it doesn't seem likely.
I just watched the videos and I don't know what to say other than this: these two men are not even worth talking about. One of them (the fatter one with glasses) looks and sounds like he's one brain cell away of being a short bus candidate. And the faceless guy (or not so faceless guy) is only angry because his site was taken off of YouTube. I don't know why or what happened, but this guy is pissed off at the entire Nerdfighter Community because of the actions of only one of us.

Look, people have the right to post whatever they want on YouTube and I've found some crazy videos on that site that would make their two videos look educational. I just have a problem with those who post videos for the sake of insulting others. It's is a waste of time and valuable YouTube space. And this guy is wasting time going after a group he knows nothing about. How silly is he!
His video made me laugh in the way Bill O'Reily does. So much Ad Hominem, so much lacking in logic, so much anger and in this case hatred. I really think he's just a troll, and as such shoud not be fed. Unfortunately there are hate-filled people like that out there, and there isn't really too much to so about it. Most importantly we need to do two things: not troll and joke around in any way with these matters, as these guys might have. Secondly, don't respond with their level of hate. Just ignore, or try to reason, but don't step down to them.

As far as us being a cult, well... we kinda are. I prefer the term internet subculture, but hey it doesn't really matter. Cults are exactly the same as religions until they get enough people, and cult isn't really an insult. To say more about cults, they usually have a leader, dogma, some center diety... we have none of these. Just another internet-based community. You could call everyone on facebook a cult by a thin definition of cult, and it doesn't change a thing.
This video is actually disturbing to me. It really makes me realize still how far we have to go to over come world suck against people like those on the video. I would like to respond to his "points", and I do use that word loosely because they were not actually anything built on logic like a usual argument or debate response would be done, but a video with foul language stringing phrases together to try to intimiate.
1) That gays should not adopt. There are many homosexual couples whom I have wondered a bout their choice in starting families. We have to get liciense to drive, answer a 10 page application to serve on a federal jury, and do many things that prepare us more for when we become parents. I am not saying that being gay does not make you better couples then heterosexual couples. I just think once a person becomes a parent it is life long commitment and some choose to take on that responsibility without that though in their mind. Being gay does not say you will treat a child worse then a homosexual couple. Most homosexual couples adopt and if anybody knows of someone that has adopted they would understand the intense examination their life under goes to be deemed worthy to be a parent. There are many children in the world whom need loving homes, I say if a couple being homosexual or heterosexual can provide that environment that they should have the right to have a family.
2) Threatening someones life on the internet is never a good idea. First there is a thing called slander and assault. They are things that can be brought before a court if needed. The idea to make an arguement in response to using a word properly in our english language and calling the person names or threatening their being is just showing their ignorance.
3) The faceless person off camera actually is more concerning to me then the "parrot" on screen. He is the one that you can hear the very negative behavior from and coaches the person on camera. The idea that John and Hank are homosexual is as we all not true. Both are married, neither are attracted to males in a sexual way thus calling them gay over and over and each time using more vulgar terms due to not being able to hold a debate is truly sad for both in the video.
4) Umm then there is the comment about John's accent. I have yet to figure out why that even makes an arguement about homosexuality. Homosexuality is in all cultures all around the world. Heterosexuality is as well. Thus, everyone not of that region, country, culture, or society considers a person with an accent if they talk to someone that is from a different place.
5) Then there is the comment about Hank and John stealing the nerdfighters money. I am a nerdfighter and besides buying John's books I have never had a fisical transaction with John or Hank. They do not request money from us. They do let us know when one of their products is available but they also let us know about other books, music, world causes, etc. It is a choice we make or if younger our parents if money is used to buy those products.

It just makes those of us who did watch the video realize there are those out on the internet that likes to cause havoc by their ignorance and try and take away from intellegent use of the internet. I almost did not respond. I started to watch the video and after the first tirrant of slurs clicked it off. However, I decided to watch the entire video and respond because I think we do have to stand up for others causes and let our voices be heard. Otherwise, others might perceve that their ignorance is how we all feel on a given subject.
I honestly just see that as people who need someone to hate. I also agree that there is no reasoning with someone who is so full of hate they can't see logic.

Is nerd fighters a cult? Well I just joined so I wouldn't know but I've always wanted to join a cult. Cult psychology! If it is a cult though it is a constructive cult not a destructive one.
I've never really thought of Nerdfighteria as a cult. More of a club. Only because I assosciate cults with things like worship, and shaving your head. And the fact that once you join a cult, you're generally not allowed to leave.
I instantly think of Jones Town when I think of cults. So I don't see it as a cult even if my comment made it seem like I do. I can kind of see why it might seem like it from the outside though. Those videos just seemed like hate for the sake of hate though.
You can leave if you join yes but if your a true nerdfighter then you wouldn't leave.
Also this is similar to the boy scouts because they say once a boy scout always one, they tell you to worship America. But these views are because of of my anti-patriotism. I'm just saying there are some groups that do this kinda.
reading the comments of those videos was amusing. sad too.


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